PC or Online Play: How Do You Like Your Free Casino Games?

Did you know there are collections of casino games developed for PC to be bought off and played for fun? In all honesty, I haven’t had the slightest clue about this until only recently. Of course, free-play mode online is a common knowledge and many casinos today offer free games with instant access or a download required. But apparently, you can buy individual games or entire collections from leading developers to install them on your computer and play as you see fit. Not exactly free play, since you do have to pay a certain price, but once purchased they’re yours for life to enjoy whenever you want, no internet connection needed.

PC Games Have Their Advantages, But Not Without a Price

Some people, including myself, play free casino games for practice sake or to familiarize themselves with certain games before engaging in real money play. For them, there’s no real fun until money is at stake. When you play for real, there’s the excitement and trills that come with uncertainty, taking risks and waiting for the outcome. Even if it’s just a penny you’re wagering, the buzz is there and that’s ultimately what gambling is all about – not necessarily the profit.

Obviously, plenty of gamblers do actually like the games themselves and enjoy playing them whether for free or for real. According to some, it’s even better being able to save your money and not having to travel to find a casino. The PC games are actually quite popular and sell like crazy on Amazon and other sites. They are not overly expensive either – usually the cost is between $10 and $20 for slot collections and about $5 a piece for slots and table games. Some bundles, though, can cost a lot more – up to a $100 for a set is reserved for the collections with plenty of titles and perks for more immersive experience and comfort.

These are not just some makebelive games, but genuine replicas, meticulously reproduced, completely the same as the ones found in land based or online casinos, both in terms of appearance and the inner workings and features. It can so happen sometimes that the music is a bit off, or some colors don’t exactly match the original, but all things considered, the quality is good and the majority of people seems quite satisfied with their purchases. What’s more, the selection is diverse – anything from reel spinners to video slots can be found and bought, although some editions may be limited or discontinued. Other fun perks include pretend money and the option to set your stakes and payout percentages unreasonably high, or as low as you like.

Another plus with PC games is that you can find and keep all your favorites, once you buy them there’s no fear they will be removed from the floors or websites, especially when they get quite old and obsolete, or do not produce enough revenue to justify keeping them around. You can buy physical copies as well as digital downloads. It’s possible a few patches might have to be installed occasionally for the latter, and it’s imperative to check exactly which platforms are supported to avoid malfunctions and related issues. IGT, WMS and Phantom EFX are some of the featured software for slots, and Encore or Valusoft are often found for table games. The most popular are those rich in features, bonus rounds and inventive gameplays in general where there’s plenty of action and first-class design to be enjoyed.

Online Casinos Offer Free-Play Mode As Well

On the other hand, we have on our disposal free games to be played online at most casinos operating today. These are also genuine titles, including mostly video slots and table games accessible from the comfort of your home. Some among them have their land based counterparts, but the majority is developed for online play exclusively. What attracts most players to this type of games is the ease of access and the convenience they offer. All you need is a working PC and an internet connection. Depending on the casino, the games are either available instantly or may have to be downloaded first, but the latter is not too much of a hassle anyway. In any case, playing them is completely free of charge and a piece of cake, considering the fact you don’t even need to register or make an account to access them.

As for the downsides – well, are we really going to be so nit picky to complain about original casino games given to us free of charge? There aren’t any negative aspects, at least not anything significant enough to allow for complaints and dissatisfaction. However, the software on offer is subject to change, meaning what you find today might not be there tomorrow. If you have a favorite and one day it’s gone from the website, that’s too bad but it happens. You can always try to find another source.

There are operators on the internet featuring only free casino games that have an impressive library of titles both old and new, classic and contemporary, complete with guides and other helpful material for a comprehensive gaming experience. There are even tournaments too, great for players who thrive in competitive environments. Websites such as this offer a genuine casino atmosphere, complete with all the latest releases, most popular games, and complete lists of casinos where you can play the features games for real. Everything you like about gaming is here, except you don’t get to spend any money or suffer the consequences of bad decision making.

To Each His Own

After going through all the pros and cons, it seems that PC games might be more suited to true gaming enthusiasts. If you play for the sake of play and value audio-visual qualities and abundance of content over anything else, than it’s a good idea to invest a bit of cash and start building a collection of favorites. This way, you can enjoy only the ones you really like, whenever you want and without any disturbances.

As for the rest of us, we’ll stick to online casinos and their free offer. For the longest time, the selection of online free games was very poor, not to mention their quality which was below average at best. But as of late, the situation is significantly improved with all the latest releases available in free mode almost immediately upon release. This is great news for gamblers who like to polish their gambling skills and get to know the games before investing money. In the end, we can always do both and enjoy our hobby in many different ways.

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  • Elen Rogers

    The… charm of casino games is to play them for real. Sure, free mode is welcome but one can’t really practice slots, it’s completely random, but other casino (table) games, yes. Free play mode can help in developing skills.

    • http://www.manapool.co.uk/ Evil Tactician

      I don’t disagree with you there, though it’s still useful for people with limited experience to practice a game before playing it for real. Or even just to get a feel for the chance of winning/losing, how much to bet, etc. For slots – that’s pretty useful as well as you can quickly lose a lot of money if you play for real straight away.

  • David

    I totally agree with Elen. According to me you don’t have to pay for the online games and people are more interested in playing all these games in real. I play online games a lot: Jungle Boogie, Twitcher, crazy caveman are my favorite. You can play them in many online on my sites. I would recommend to use sweeps-games.