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Online games can be played anytime and anywhere. Some of the most popular games are just a click away! With top of the range graphics and great innovations, let’s be honest these games are always entertaining… Some games can come with nice prizes and some with bags of fun! Gamers, if you are tired of your usual games, then take yourself out of your comfort zone and try for something new. The list of options is endless – you have action games, online casino games, horror games, adventure games… There are collections of them all over the internet for you to try out. If you have a PS4 or the new PS5, that’s even better when it comes to high-quality graphics. Let’s look at some of the best online games around!


This action-adventure game will take you to a virtual world of war. The game is developed by PUBG Corporation. Good news for all the gamers as this game can be played with your friends! Yes… team up with them and save your society! The game is all about fights, revenge, and action. The fights take place on the streets and underground. Are you ready for the battle?

Counterstrike: Global Offensive

This video game has been developed by Valve, Hidden Path Entertainment. This game revolves around the modern military and you need to save the world! You can team up with your friends online or even play against them. Your aim here is to defuse bombs! This game can also be played on PC, Xbox, and PS3.

Online Roulette

Why not try your hand at Roulette! This is a simple casino game! It is common both online and in land-based casinos. It comes with a set of numbers from 1 to 36 and a dealer that spins the wheel. You need to place your bet during the game on any of the numbers. The dealer then spins the wheel. To win in the game, the ball needs to land on the number you’ve placed your bet. Roll the wheel on your favourite device!


Football lovers! This is your go-to game… If you are into FIFA, then try out this game online. Choose your favourite player or team and get ready for a match – you can play against your friends. This game is compatible with PC, PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch! Developed by Electronic Arts, this game comes with top graphics, new features and it is a game loved by many football fans! Ready for kick-off?

Wasteland 3

The War is on! On Wasteland 3 you need to control a team of Rangers, lawmen, and women. In this game, you need to build a civilization from scratch! You simply have to keep your society alive! This game can be played on Windows 10 PC, PlayStation 4, and X Box… This story is intriguing but beware as the survival is tough! Up for this game?

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