One month until Football Manager 2016: What’s new?

Football Manager 2016 is set for release in the United Kingdom on November 13th and excitement is beginning to grow as gaming fans all over the country start to prepare for what is widely regarded as the best version so far. SEGA are confident that the developers can continue to improve both the realism and graphics of the game and they have made a number of slight tweaks to the upcoming edition. However, there are a number of key changes that have been made and these have only added to the excitement ahead of next month’s release. Here are just a few of the latest features that are included on the 2016 edition of the series.

Customisable manager movements

You can now get closer to the action by customising your manager’s movements, actions and celebrations on the touchline. In the past, many avid Football Manager Aficionados have criticised the developers for their lack of interest in changing that side of the game but fans have now got their wish as you can customise and design celebrations to suit your managerial style. Whether you want to do a Jose Mourinho and run down the touchline or simply punch the air with delight, this is sure to be one of the most welcomed adaptations to the game.

Fantasy draft

Fantasy draft is a brand new gamemode that is sure to appeal to both new and existing players. Essentially, this gives users the opportunity to create your own dream team and compete against your friends. Beginning with a fixed budget, you are able to build a squad to challenge for the world’s finest prizes. You are in direct competition with other managers and, in order to succeed, you battle against opposing clubs in the transfer market to secure the top-rated young players on the planet.


An interesting addition, the create-a-club feature finally brings Football Manager up to date with the likes of FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer. You can new create, edit and develop clubs to suit your fancy. If you want to introduce a brand-new side into English football, or simply want to change other teams, you are now able to do just that. This feature will appeal to those who enjoy heavily edited games, as well as those who prefer to play as their local Sunday League side.

How can they improve?

Many have suggested a number of ways as to how they can improve the series further. One of the most common queries is the addition of a fun betting component to the game. At the start of the season, you should be able to place a small, virtual stake on the game based on real life odds. For example, you could bet on Preston North End to win the division in the championship betting markets. If they win the title, you win virtual funds to unlock additional secret components of the game. It’s that simple.

For a full list and video of all new features to be included on the latest version of the Football Manager series, please see below. In the meantime, start setting your countdowns to November 13th!

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