New Magicka Challenge Maps Announced

Paradox Interactive and Arrowhead Studios have heard the rallying cry from Magicka veterans everywhere: Players want the chance to be killed by endless hordes of monsters, and not just by their comrades. That chance has finally arrived, with a pair of new Challenge Maps available soon for download and play in Magicka, the Game Which Punishes Typos with Swift Explosive Death™. These maps will be released on April 26th, one of which will be offered without requiring so much as a single potato.

Players will soon be able to punish themselves by attempting the Caverns and Marshlands maps, each featuring a different swarm of terrible creatures with an appetite for your face. Wizards can try to survive the Caverns, inhabited by more trolls than this website, or try something refreshing and new in the Marshlands: Zombies, the monster that fills a completely untapped niche.

While both maps are difficult and dangerous enough that adding them to one’s Magicka game is the demented act of a madman, one of these maps will be offered entirely free of charge, while the other one will cost a comparatively astronomical 1.99 USD. Choosing which map will be free is an agonizing decision though, which we didn’t feel like making, so instead we’re opting to conduct an extremely scientific poll via Facebook to let Magicka fans ultimately decide. This poll will run for only 24 hours, allowing it to fit within our very short attention spans. Look, a squirrel! Wait, what did we just say?

Players can choose which map they are too cheap to pay for by visiting this poll on their Facebook page.

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