Comments on: The Solitary Path, and Finding Your Own Way Independent PC Game Reviews & Guides Wed, 11 Jul 2018 21:49:00 +0000 hourly 1 By: Evil Tactician Fri, 09 Dec 2011 12:27:12 +0000 Skyrim and Deus Ex are typical examples of games which will be classics though – I meant that the general trend is that singleplayer games get a lot more casual over time. At least, that is my experience. Take the move from Morrowind to Oblivion – Morrowind was incredibly in-depth and they cut a lot of this out in Oblivion to make it ‘easier to play’ on consoles.

Mass Effect, at least in my opinion, was also an example of a game which could have done with more depth. ME was a good game, but it didn’t even come close to, for example, KotoR.

By: Kraken Wakes Thu, 08 Dec 2011 13:50:07 +0000 I don’t think singleplayer PC games are getting more and more shallow by minute (Skyrim? Deus Ex: HR?), I think we expect more and more as the bar gets raised. If you’d played Mass Effect 2 five years ago, you’d probably have cried tears of liquid joy over story, gameplay and graphics combined.

Now and again, something comes along and lifts our expectations, and then everyone else scrabbles to match that for a while before the bar is lifted again. We’re a jaded and spoiled lot – the games we have now are generally better written than those of our youths. Not always, of course, and that’s what makes a classic like Planescape Torment, Half Life or Populous.

But really, that’s true in every field in art, from books, films, paintings, tapestry – you name it. Most of it’s okay, a few bits are awful, and a few more are like the beautiful sapphire eyes of an otherwise dirty brass statue.

Not that I disagree overall – games must be fun, or they’re not games. And the more intelligent you assume your audience is, the more intelligent it will become.

By: Evil Tactician Tue, 06 Dec 2011 09:46:59 +0000 Whilst I agree that a lot of singleplayer gaming has taking a turn for the worse, with games getting more shallow by the minute – I actually believe that this is largely attributed to consoles rather than a strict multiplayer/singleplayer argument.

There are still games where the story matters quite a bit.Take Mass Effect, if I have to be brutally honest the gameplay sucks balls and is even outright boring and obnoxious at times. However, the story is good enough to keep playing it through.

Dragon Age: Origins was an example where both the story and the gameplay were excellent – almost a throw back to the good old days of Baldur’s Gate. Not everyone will agree, but personally I loved it.

Ultimately though – in my experience the first and foremost aspect of any game is that it should be fun to play. This is usually accomplished through excellent gameplay, as far as I am concerned. If it looks good on top of that, that’s a bonus. Even better if you have the ability to co-op it with a friend, an aspect that I feel should be included in most games these days, but not at the cost of the singleplayer experience. A game which did this exceptionally well is Dawn of War 2 – which was good when played alone and even better when played in co-op, without diminishing the game in any way or changing it to fit the co-op mode.

Long story short – stop dumbing our PC games down with console-based developments and give us more depth, great gameplay and games which allow the flexibility of both enjoying them alone as well as in multiplayer. That’s what makes a great game :)

By: Homemaster Tue, 06 Dec 2011 02:54:32 +0000 Sigh, I just couldn’t get the damn layout working. Would be interested to hear from both singleplayer and multiplayer players, depending on your own bias.