Morrowind 2011 Compilation version 2.0

Some of you will remember the article we wrote in January 2011, which spoke about Tyler Smith and his Mod compilation for Morrowind. We were very impressed with the effort that had gone into the compilation, but some of the modders of the Bethesda community had other ideas. Since I’m one of those people who really doesn’t have the time or willpower to sift through thousands of mods so I can then figure out the incompatibilities between the hundreds of mods I want, I think it was a fantastic effort.

Well, Tyler is back with a new version, and has posted a new showcase video:

Tyler had the following to add to the video when contacting us:

  • Fraps issues have been fixed to allow recording at night.
  • There are no major textures added just getting the effects to a solid framerate.
  • 40+ FPS on the test machines so far with everything in that video turn on, minus AA.

All we can say is good job, keep it up and keep adding more. Morrowind still is a fantastic game and as long as the modders in question are credited we feel these compilations are the best thing since sliced bread.

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  • Carl Saturini

    Gah, Morrowind Overhaul is what you need. It’s all automated (installation too), this one is loong to install and incomplete.