Mobile Gaming Industry Going To Be Worth More Than $137.9 Billion

Mobile phones have rapidly expanded over the last two decades to become one of the most important industries in the world. The smartphone is able to carry out thousands of different processes which have created many different sectors. One of the latest in the development of mobile gaming which in the USA alone is worth $50 billion and globally it is estimated to reach $137.9 billion by the end of 2018. This format of game generates over two-thirds of the revenue for the two most popular apps stores Google Play and Apple iOS.

Gaming sites have reported record levels of active players this year and in a recent review of Quasar gaming, they reported growth of 12% each month. Gaming apps appeal to all different types of mobile users and are popular with both sexes along with old and young. Every year we are spending more time on our mobile devices with gaming been one of the driving forces of this extended time.

The growth of the mobile gaming industry has also given way to whole new and emerging classes of gamers in addition to driving up time spent and play frequency from previously existing demographics. Today, mobile games are more popular among women than men and are played increasingly more by older consumers than teens.

In the USA the ownership rate of a smartphone is on the rise and expected to be at 77% of the total population. Thanks to advances in technology it means that gamers can now carry around and instantly access their favorite game on the go. Every year processing speed becomes faster, graphics quality increases and the speed of the internet increases which is making it possible to create many new immersive games.

During 2014 the gaming market for mobile phone generated $25 billion worldwide. By 2020 the sector is expected to reach over $72 billion which is a 200% rise over only 6 years. What is even more remarkable is this relatively new marketplace in comparison with others is on track to account for more than half the total games sector. Now console games are the second place at 26% and PC games are at 21% in the third.

The mobile gaming sector is so large that it now generates nearly five times the amount as the box office worldwide which stands at just over 10 billion dollars. Even the world’s oldest industries such as tea have been overtaken by the gaming market for mobile games. It is also on course to overtake the total GDP revenue of Costa Rica which stands at nearly $60 billion.


The success of mobile games such as Candy Crush Saga has helped turn the marketplace into a mainstream activity around the world. As smartphone technology improves further it will help add fire to the fuel and turn the mobile games sector into one of the world’s largest. With new games technology such as AR and VR devices that can attach on phones, a new dimension is on the way which is powered by the mobile revolution.

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