Magna Mundi Videos Released

Paradox Interactive and Universo Virtual have released the official teaser trailer and a developer video interview for the highly anticipated grand strategy game, Magna Mundi.  Experience the Fall of Constantinople first hand, master the politics of the Holy Roman Empire and face religious clashes as they did in the beginning. Relive the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Colonial Era, as well as the struggle for American Independence and the French Revolution. The only question is: are you prepared to make history?

Magna Mundi developer, Anuraog Pakanti:

Magna Mundi teaser trailer:

Created using the Clausewitz engine from Europa Universalis III, Magna Mundi gives players the chance to lead one of 400 different countries through important historical time periods that have influenced the modern world. Play solo or with up to 32 others and see how the decisions you make effect the rest of the globe. Magna Mundi is set to release in Q4 2011.

- Over 400 playable countries spanning more than 300 years of history
- Open-ended and challenging game play that is always different but plausible
- Play all over the world, experiencing different challenges depending on culture, religion, technology, geography, and much more
- Experience modeled historical processes that evolve dynamically each game, building a believable narrative
- Brought to you by a team of specialists including historians, anthropologists, and strategy analysts
- Built on the critically acclaimed Clausewitz engine from Europa Universalis III


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