Magicka: Vietnam – Developer Interview Released

What is going on in the mind of Arrowhead Game Studios’ CEO and Magicka creator, Johan Pilestedt? Truth be told, most of us here are just cringing at the thought, but we’re certain Star Wars, 80’s power ballads, and black licorice are all floating around in there somewhere.

Nonetheless, under duress of meteor storm by the self-proclaimed wizard CEO, Paradox Interactive has unveiled a new video interview starring Pilestedt, explaining to the masses his inspirations behind Magicka’s newest DLC expansion, Magicka: Vietnam.

Take a look at the video interview and learn Pilestedt’s thoughts on 1960’s artillery, what the Goblin-Cong won’t do, his regrets about what couldn’t be included in the game, and his favorite part of the experience. And under no circumstance are we being insistent that you ShAre the VidEo becaUSe we’re being held captive by him.

To free us from imprisonment…we mean—to check out the video, please watch the video!

The DLC Magicka: Vietnam for the friendly fire-filled indie hit is now available on all leading digital distribution platforms for $4.99. And in commemoration of the Magicka: Vietnam launch, Magicka is discounted on several digital download portals for up to 50% off—including bundles and 4Packs:

To check out smuggled footage of the game, check out the launch trailer:

Accidentally blow yourself to bits by playing the Magicka demo on Steam:

For the latest news on Magicka:
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  • A1ka1inE

    Haha this looks awesome! What a great adaptation :) I might just get me that DLC.