Magicka Continues to Smash Bugs

As Arrowhead Studios continues to work around the clock to provide updates to Magicka, Paradox Interactive has premiered the “if Magicka was sold via infomercial – this is what it would look like” trailer. But with this one, nobody will have to stay up late watching public access television to catch it, it can be viewed online right here:

No development team members were involved in the making of this video as they’re stuck in their cave working on patches to fix the current online issues, adding content and implementing player requests like keyboard mapping and more. For those having trouble with the online co-op, the multi-player is running smoothly over LAN and local co-op. We at Mana Pool are extremely impressed by the speed and dedication of Arrowhead Studios in getting these patches out as quickly as possible, great work guys!

Magicka is available for $9.99 on all major digital distribution portals. Those who have purchased before January 31st will also receive the Wizard Survival Kit as a bonus.

For more on the latest developments, join the Magicka community on Facebook at or follow the game on Twitter at

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  • Dree

    I’m happy to know that they’re working to fix the bugs. Even over LAN, I’ve run into a few crashes and strange bugs every so often. Though it’s true; it does run much better over LAN than WAN. Either way, it’s an awesome game and I’m looking forward to seeing more of it, hopefully with less bugs soon. :D

  • Evil Tactician

    Couldn’t agree more. We’ve spent a lot of time over LAN today as well – and some of the bugs we encountered are still rather gamebreaking. (Crashes being the biggest problem!)

  • Dree

    Yeah, the crashes were the worst since you have to start the entire chapter over again. We crashed several times at the end of chapter 7 and it got to be pretty gamebreaking toward the end, but we finally got through it.

  • Evil Tactician

    We were experiencing the same at the end of chapter’s 5 & 6 – the latter being particularly bad. We finally got past that just now, so onwards to chapter 7.

    Quite a shame that even LAN play is still experiencing such bugs – it’s dampening the spirit a lot right now.