Kickstarter: The Breakout

The Breakout is a nail-biting point-and-click adventure that pays homage to the captivating storytelling and characterization of the classic Point n Click games of the 1990s combined with the tense film-making style of classic movies like The Great Escape.

You play as Guy Kassel, an ex-thief whose life of crime was turned around by his beloved fiancée. Successfully cleaning up his act, Guy joins the Air Force and rises to the ranks of Captain—only to be shot down and captured during a mission.

The game begins as you arrive at a maximum security POW camp with a group of fellow repeat escapees. You are met by the ruthless Colonel who introduces you to the prison rules and then proceeds to execute the last POW who tried to escape—imparting a chilling warning: Any attempt to escape will be dealt with extreme measures.

The Breakout Kickstarter

During the game, you can roam around the camp, take note of daily guard routines, discover new areas in the camp, and use your ingenuity to collect and craft items to aid in your escape. However, this will not be easy: you will need the help of some of the prisons most notorious inmates . . . but first, you will need to earn their trust!

The story of a man against the odds, locked down by a ruthless oppressor and striving to be free has always fascinated me. Dropping him in the hellish conditions of a prisoner of war camp during WW2 felt like the perfect way to take the player on an emotional rollercoaster ride. Surviving with nothing but his wits, an escape plan and the fierce desire to break free provides that glimmer of hope that keeps him going above all else. Packed with memorable characters, truly evil villains and a sprinkle of the occult, The Breakout offers a unique twist on the point-and-click genre.
Adam Jeffcoat Game Director

The Breakout Kickstarter

After nightfall, the camp becomes your domain—and Guy’s thievery skills come into play as you sneak out of your cell, past spotlights and guard dogs, picking locks and stealing tools as you go. If you are caught breaking any rules or sneaking around during lights out, your inventory will be confiscated and you will be thrown in the cooler. If you are caught trying to escape any of the perimeter fences, the tower guards will shoot on sight. However, as things get spooky and bodies begin to disappear, you realize that not all is as it seems. Soon, you discover the Colonel’s mysterious connection with an occult secret society and his sinister plans for a mass sacrifice.

The Breakout can be found on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight right now, so go take a look!

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