Kickstarter: Super Mega Bob

Don’t let this unassuming ball trick you – Super Mega Bob by Daniel Hall is a an action-packed platformer that revels in the chaotic glory of classic SHMUPs. Drawing inspiration from retro titles like Mega Man and Adventures of Lolo, this game marries puzzle-solving with character progression.

Hall has developed two other games – MicroTale and ADDICT – which you can find on Desura.


  • Challenging Blend of Styles: The game is a shooter which also requires careful, puzzle-like precision
  • Extreme Player Satisfaction: You’ll often be destroying 100+ enemies per level, and there are plenty of upgrades to keep you engaged
  • High Difficulty Level: Enemies, lasers, and bosses combine for an extremely hard, retro experience
  • Unique Environment: Super Mega Bob features beautiful, colorful pixel art and a gorgeous day/night and weather cycle
  • Fantastic Chiptune: The game is loaded with carefully crafted chiptune that is both enjoyable and nostalgic

Super Mega Bob is available now as a free public beta. Find it on Daniel Hall’s website, Desura, or Kickstarter.

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