Kickstarter: MyDream

With 4 days left on this Kickstarter, MyDream has met and surpassed its $100,000 goal. It’s an ambitious project that hopes to bring a deep sandbox experience into an RPG-adventure. Cooperation and collaboration amongst players is more than encourage, and the number of user-generated items and quests grows as the community continues to gain traction.

And truly, it’s the social aspect that really shines in this game. When you create things in MyDream, whether they be structures, environments, or quests, other players can see and share your work. The system will even keep track of how many people use your contributions. I smell an opportunity to spread the glory of Lachrymosity’s Wizard Tower, do you?

Three ways to play – the main features

  1. Exploration: The rules for questing are simple: find a clue, follow the clues, find the stash. Some are as simple as walking 20 paces and digging, while others may include a lot more. The more difficult the adventure is to complete, the more experience you earn.
  2. Creation: Create your own quests, buildings and environments. Make them as simple as laying down a waypoint or as complex as following a series of carefully hidden and encoded clues. You can place your goals out in the open or you can develop a structure on a new landscape entirely from scratch. Your XP level increases based on a mix of the complexity of your own structures and other players ratings of your creations.
  3. Cooperation: The MyDream team is currently working on a leveling system based on the idea of team work.

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Executive Editor of ManaPool. A student of game design, Amber is currently writing from the frozen north that is Canada. She has a penchant for tactical team-based games and a particular taste for theorycrafting. Want to discuss community and player experience? Talk to her!

  • Sllayt3r

    I quite like sand box games that rely on quests, I’m going to look out for this game.

    • Evil Tactician

      It does look pretty interesting, doesn’t it? I like games which do things just a little different. :-)