Kalypso’s “Dungeons” Celebrates Going Gold with Theme Song Release

Kalypso Media today announced that their upcoming strategy game, Dungeons, has gone gold on 7th Jan 2010! To celebrate this epic moment, Kalypso has released the game’s theme song as a downloadable mp3 for fans to enjoy as they await the game’s arrival in retail stores. Dungeons, which is set for release on 4th February in the UK on Windows PC, lets players show off their dark sides, as, in the role of a Dungeon Lord,  they do their best to entice foolish heroes into custom-crafted dungeons. Once an adventurer enters the player’s creation, the fun really begins as players will attempt to capture those heroes and steal their precious soul energy and use it to build even more elaborate and sinister dungeons while fighting against intruding bosses.

Download the Dungeons theme song here!

Mana Pool has been following the development of Dungeons closely and would like to wish Kalypso our sincere congratulations on their gold achievement! For more information about Dungeons, you can read Mana Pool’s full preview of Dungeons here, and an  interview with the developers here.

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