Is the Indie Game World More Accepting of the Bitcoin?

In recent years, cryptocurrencies like bitcoin have been taking the gaming world by storm. Digital currencies are created and used online, which makes them ideal for completing transactions seamlessly. The idea behind introducing a decentralised cryptocurrency like bitcoin was to create lower transaction fees and faster payments around the world. Bitcoin has a lot of potential and its use within video games has been widely debated.

On one hand, it could make in-game transactions seamless and secure, reducing the need for gamers to input their payment information. On the other, it does pose some risks as it’s a very volatile currency. Some mainstream platforms, such as Steam, have already begun to accept bitcoin as a payment method but is the Indie game world more accepting of bitcoin? Indie titles have become more popular in recent years, so it’s not surprising that the sector is adopting the latest technology.

Game Stores

Online game shops have become increasingly popular. They allow gamers to download new content or games directly to their PC or console. Once the download has complete, players can start their new game immediately. This reduces the need for long waiting times and has made physical copies of games almost obsolete. Many mainstream gaming stores have already enabled the ability to pay with bitcoin.

Independent games often don’t make it into mainstream online game stores, such as PlayStation Network or the Microsoft Store, which means they need to find alternative ways to become popular. Some of the bigger Indie game stores, which specialise in games created by independent developers, offer players the opportunity to download their games using bitcoin as a payment method. Some examples include Daily Indie Game, which gives players access to bundles of Indie games at low prices, and Indie Game Stand, which features games you won’t find elsewhere.

By giving players the latest ways to pay, Indie game stores are able to build their audience and generate interest. Many technology fans are interested in the latest innovations, even if aren’t video game fans. The only downside is that the latest currencies like Bitcoin Cash could replace bitcoin in terms of value and popularity.

Bitcoin Start-Ups

There are a number of businesses choosing to use the payment method as a way to generate interest from investors. Small, Indie developers looking to raise funds to finance their latest game project are turning to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. This is because investors are looking to gain financially and the value of bitcoin has been continually on the rise over the last few months, with its current value at a record high of over $4,000.

These campaigns work in a similar way to Kickstarter campaigns but instead of pledging cash donations, the investors pledge to contribute bitcoin. The benefit of Indie developers using bitcoin to fund their start-ups is that it attracts a lot of media attention. There are dedicated news outlets that are committed to reporting on the latest bitcoin trends and news. They are looking to build the reputation of the cryptocurrency and new start-ups can contribute significantly to this. In turn, mass media attention can help a start-up to gain additional funding and the interest it needs to succeed upon its release.

In-Game Transactions

There are a number of Indie games which have already taken the step to include bitcoin transactions within their games. Of these, the most popular bitcoin games at the moment are casino games. There are many bitcoin twists on traditional casino games, including poker, blackjack and slots, available. These games are both fun and addictive. There are also other Indie games which use bitcoin in lieu of traditional payment for in-game purchases, such as Oh Crop! and Coin Flapper. Some games even allow players to earn bitcoin for playing, which helps Indie developers to climb the rankings in app stores and giving them access to a much wider audience.

There’s no doubt about it, Indie game developers are producing some of the most innovative and unusual games currently on the market. They’ve also been attracting a lot of positive media attention recently, which is making it easier for small developers to propel themselves into the realms of mainstream success. Many members of the gaming community believe that Indie developers are the future of the industry because they are able to work on a tight budget, market themselves effectively and bring something new to the table each time.

The Indie game world is arguably far more accepting and willing to use the latest cryptocurrency technology. There are a number of independent developers finding new ways to incorporate the cryptocurrency in their games, whether it is to fund initial development costs or as a way to generate interest in their games. It’s highly likely that we will see more of the cryptocurrency in the future, particularly within the gaming community. As for whether or not is widely accepted, that is still an ongoing debate.

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