Is Cryptocurrency the Answer to the Microtransaction Problem in Gaming?

There was once a time when you bought a video game from a store or from an online provider and were free to enjoy the whole game, no exceptions. These games allowed users to experience all aspects of the game and every level, character, weapon or whatever else; they were accessible with success within the game.

This is not always the case today where games can be broken down into parts, or certain aspects of the developer’s hard work is only accessible through extra payment within the game. You may need to pay a little extra to unlock a bonus level or for a specific weapon. When you buy these additions, you are making microtransactions.

The Problem with Microtransactions in Gaming

Market research has revealed that gamers who play between six and ten hours are nearly 70% likely to make a microtransaction for a gaming extra. These payments for virtual assets are not usually costly, but because each microtransaction must be processed by a third party, what was initially a small fee can add up – especially if multiple microtransactions are made and third-party handling fees are repeated over and over again.

There is one way of solving this problem, and the solution lies with cryptocurrency and ownership of an electronic crypto wallet. One of the best options is the Luno Bitcoin wallet which has a stellar reputation and glowing reviews.

So, How Does Crypto Solve This Problem?

Paying with cryptocurrency is a decentralised method of making payments. This is what has attracted so much interest in them. They do not require a central authority such as Visa, Mastercard or a national bank to execute payments – who would all require payment if they were involved. Instead, they are made by recording the payment on blockchain technology and therefore do not include any third-party handling fees.

The way in which cryptocurrency makes microtransactions in gaming better is by making them cheaper, but that is not all. There is also a worthwhile argument stating cryptocurrency makes microtransactions in gaming safer too.

Safer Microtransactions with Crypto

Entering card details into an online game is mostly a safe process. The game will be protected from hacking and be able to keep details safe for the most part. However, there is always some degree of risk associated with entering your card details online – and your personal data associated with them. Paying with crypto does not require you to enter such personal data or bank details and therefore is a safer form of paying for in-game and in-app purchases.

You may have also heard stories of parents leaving their card details in online games mistakenly and children running up bills from microtransactions. Cryptocurrency payments would also prevent these unfortunate and expensive situations from arising.

Overall, the combination of crypto payments and in-game microtransactions can only be a good thing for everyone involved.

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