Indie Game Roundup: Charming

Thursday Triple is a weekly roundup of Indie Games from around the Net.

Whether you enjoy tearing through the sky, crushing adorable dungeon minions, or determining the fate of a Twitch streamer’s game avatar, this week’s collection aims to combine charm and hilarity into bite-sized bits of fun.

New Release – Cloudbuilt

By Coilworks

The common complaint with games built on parkour mechanics is the severe lack of options available to the player. Worlds tend to present the illusion of choice when, in reality, there is only one legitimate solution to a platforming puzzle. This is totally not the case with Cloudbuilt. Depending on how you want to complete the level, there will be varying paths to travel on.

The game’s unique art style will be the first thing players notice. It’s striking in its comic-book aesthetic, and the strong lines and bright colours really work to give the player a great sense of movement. Your character is fast, incredibly agile, and you’ll need both your brain and your reflexes to finish these levels and top that leaderboard.

Here’s a quick overview from the developer about what you can do in this game.

Cloudbuilt is now available on Steam for $19.99.

Steam Early Access – Paper Dungeons

By Stephane Valverde and Leslie Valverde

Dungeon crawler! This charming little rogue-like puts you behind a tabletop RPG party with members from the archetypical classes. The system is turn-based and, true to its inspiration, fashions itself as a digital board game complete with dice to roll.

What I’m most interested in though are the multiplayer options that will be available in the future. Aside from co-op crawling and PvP, one mode will allow someone to play as a Dungeon Master against other players. For something a bit more accessible than real D&D (though there will never be a true replacement for a great tabletop), Paper Dungeons looks like a fun way to kill some time with a group of friends.

Look at that tiny warrior. My god he's adorable.

Look at that tiny warrior. My god he’s adorable.

Paper Dungeons is available on Steam Early Access for $14.99.

Up and Coming – Choice Chamber

By OneMrBean

The whole “Twitch Plays Pokemon” phenomenon opened my eyes to the potential of mass hilarity that can ensue from crowd-sourcing the input commands for a game. When I saw this project by the guys over at Studio Bean, I thought, what better way to engage your viewers than to allow them to determine how exactly you play?

Choice Chamber is meant to be played while streaming on Twitch. Over the course of a game, polls will come up that viewers can answer, and the results influence the game’s progression in real time. You, and all your fellow viewers, get to choose how to help, whether that be in the form of summoning friendly minions, granting weapons, or attacking the enemies directly. Alternatively, you could make the game much more challenging, because hey, sometimes it’s funny to troll a streamer.*

Plenty of other options are in the works. The video below shows a demo of how this craziness might work.

Choice Chamber is on Kickstarter for 24 more days. Be sure to check them out!

*Lachrymosity does not endorse the trolling of streamers, except in this case where the game mechanics totally call for it.

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  • Evil Tactician

    That Choice Chamber is a pretty nifty idea. And very dangerous in the hands of some people. Ahum ;-)

    • Lachrymosity

      I imagine some Twitch streamers will have more, uh, problems than others. Some audiences. xD