Indie Game Roundup: Meander

Thursday Triple is a weekly roundup of Indie Games from around the Net.

Hey! Fancy meeting you here. Might I interest you in a selection of games to wander through?


By Powerhoof

I’ve never seen such a violent rendition of this popular child’s game. Don’t be fooled by the flowery description. This is tag (the one where a person is “it” and he/she chases everyone around), only more brutal, bloody, and filled with eldritch horrors.

Crawl is a fantastically simple concept with hilarious ramifications. You (or your friend) plays as a hero exploring a dungeon. The rest of the players in this local co-op are ghosts with the power to possess traps and spawn an assortment of evil minions. Whoever kills the hero takes his place and the process begins anew.

And it’s all wrapped in an aesthetic package that’s both amusing and pretty, if you can call fleshy masses of tentacles pretty.

Alas, it is local co-op only at the moment, but keep an eye on this one if you’re like me and hoping online multiplayer becomes a thing.

Road Not Taken

By Spry Fox LLC

I have a soft spot for puzzlers, but this one deserves special mention for its approach to storytelling. Road Not Taken tackles portraying both the routine and the wondrous in the journey of life.

As a ranger, you’ll encounter strangers along the road and obstacles you’ll have to overcome. Your only power is that of levitation, so it’s a game about avoiding dangers while still completing your goals. And though it looks like a pleasant world where even the bears are cute, it’s truly a harsh experience with death lurking around every corner.

But of course, as long as you’re careful, you’ll probably live a long and prosperous life. Right?

Untold Universe

By Fenris Lair Studio

And if exploration is more your cup of tea, there’s voxel-based MMORPG Untold Universe. With a focus on space travel and technology, vehicles and corporations, it’s more about collecting and manufacturing than it is about farming and survival. Just look at the trailer below – cubes are meant to be blown up.

There’s one universe but with multiple worlds, each reachable by spaceship. For those that prefer the quieter lifestyle, you’ll either need to be lucky enough to find an untouched corner or be prepared to fight your way to peace. It’s heavily PvP oriented, encouraging cooperative play to make the best out of your situation.

Interested? Watch out for the Kickstarter campaign for Untold Universe beginning at the end of this month.

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