Indie Game Roundup: Tumultuous

Thursday Triple is a weekly roundup of Indie Games from around the Net.

Oh man. This heatwave. I think I’m melting – my computer certainly is. I went to find some games I could run in the meanwhile and here’s a few I stumbled across.

The Nightmare Cooperative

By Lucky Frame

Ah, more roguelikes. You’d think after my last complaint about the saturation in the market that I wouldn’t return to the subject. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a good procedural death labyrinth (a most ridiculous genre title if I’ve ever seen one), but many lack the oomph that makes one stand out from the rest.

Which is why I was pleasantly surprised to find The Nightmare Cooperative, a roguelike emphasizing strategy over holding down a trigger key. It’s turn-based, bringing back memories of ye old days, with an updated aesthetic. Most curious about it though, that which makes the game more like a puzzler, is how you control your party of travellers – every move you make applies to all characters simultaneously.

It’s a simple game that lets the simplicity of its design open up the opportunity for a compact experience and yet also has the depth needed to keep players interested.

Of Guards And Thieves

By Subvert Games

If you’re itching to conduct a heist, an assassination, or defend against any number of crimes committed by other players, Of Guards And Thieves may be the formula you’re looking for.

The game is a dedicated multiplayer PvP affair. It’s tactical, and it’ll require teamwork, but most of all, you get to sneak around an interactive map and shoot people in the face. There are classes and factions with skills and customizable equipment too which, if done right, should add a whole new layer on top of the gameplay. I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge fan of grinding for gear.

It’s just out on Early Access right now, though you can read the devs’ long list of future features on their forum, wiki, and Steam page.


By Fixpoint Productions Ltd.

Speaking of simple games, this one takes the cake. I could use some fancy PR words to dress this up, but really, Pivvot is an avoidance game. You are a ball tethered to a path. Rotate yourself to dodge incoming obstacles.

You can find this in the same category as Super Hexagon, a game you pull out to magic away the small periods of time between waiting for something else, be that food, the bathroom, a video, or a ride. It’s a blueprint that fits better on mobile, and indeed there’s an Android and iOS version on their respective stores, but I thought I’d put it here regardless.

Can’t go too wrong with a title like this. It’s no stellar review, but hey I know I’ll probably lose myself for a couple of hours despite whatever I say.

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