Indie Game Roundup: Smorgasbord

Thursday Triple is a weekly roundup of Indie Games from around the Net.

It’s that time of week again where you’re close enough to the weekend that your brain starts shutting off, but you still have a day to go. To be honest, I’m still shell-shocked from Tuesday’s Germany-Brazil match (holy man, that was ridiculous), but for everyone else, here’s an assortment of goodies to gnaw on.

Shattered Planet

By Kitfox Games

We don’t see enough (square) grid-based strategy RPGs on PC. Ever since playing Fire Emblem in the days of old and subsequently trading in all my handhelds, I’ve been on the look out for games that could elicit that wondrous feeling of nostalgia while adding a modern spin on squad tactics. The Banner Saga looked promising, but that’s not why we’re here.

Alas, Shattered Planet doesn’t quite match up to my imagination, though that isn’t to say it’s got nothing to it. With the renaissance of rogue-likes came the popularity of procedurally generated levels which this title uses to encourage exploration on weird alien worlds. There are hundreds of items to collect, but of course once you die you’re gone for good along with all your loot.

If you’re in to the comic-book style and want a more laid-back experience, I’d check this one out.

Hand of Fate

By Defiant Development

Oh! An action-RPG with cards! My inner collector was positively delighted at the prospect of whipping out a beautiful deck to slay enemies with. Even better, Hand of Fate plays out like a solo-adventurer against a dungeon master with an atmosphere that fits perfectly alongside the theme.

It’s a tabletop re-imagined into a video game, and it’s done beautifully too. There’s still early access to consider, which means balancing will be off and certain features might be missing or need tweaking, but the concept is solid and the community seems to be behind this one.

The Deer God

By Crescent Moon Games

Normally, games with titles like this tend to border on absurd and quirky, running the risk of relying on one point of humour to hold the pieces together. The tagline is, after all, “SURVIVE AS A DEER.” Despite that, The Deer God is far from an experience of cheap jokes, and the story, while simple, is actually rather thoughtful.

After a hunting incident, a hunter has an unexpected experience. Now the hunter becomes the hunted, and the tables are turned!

Their Kickstarter page has more of the lovely pixel art. For an atmospheric platformer, I say they’re on the right track.

Man. Just look at that water at 0:36.

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