Indie Game Roundup: Catastrophe

Thursday Triple is a weekly roundup of Indie Games from around the Net.

Sometimes a bit of chaos goes a long way in distracting one from the deluge of football games coming our way. Too much of a good thing and my teeth will start to rot. So, in the interest of maintaining variety in our lives, here’s three very distinct games from very distinct places.

Derrick the Deathfin

By Different Tuna

It’s been over a year since this charming paper-craft game was ported from the PS3 to PC, and I’m delighted to say it’s finally on Steam! It’s graphic and ridiculous with a premise as silly as it is simple. You’re a shark and your worst enemy is your stomach.

You’ve got to chomp on a multitude of delicious goodies from birds to bears in an effort to survive. Oh, and your parents were horribly murdered by those pesky humans so now you’ve got an even more legitimate reason to go on a global-scale rampage (aside from being a ferocious shark, that is).

I played it many moons ago and had an absolute blast with it. Would I pick it up again on Steam? Yes, and hopefully more people will too!

Here’s Derrick the Deathfin on Steam for $7.99.

Catlateral Damage

By Chris Chung

Going off on a similar tangent of destructive, yet painfully adorable animal protagonists is Catlateral Damage. The people of the internet are well aware of how these creatures we call kittens are masters of evil. They show no fear in staking out their territory, leaving fur literally everywhere, and demanding your attention at the most inopportune moments. How many people have left their houses only to come back to find toilet paper in shreds or last night’s dinner painted on a sofa?

It’s this exact chaos that developer Chris Chung is trying to simulate with his game. It’s probably what you expect. If what you’re expecting is a first-person demonstration of the carnage a cat can create.

Aww. Aren’t they just the most precious little buggers?

The Kickstarter page has even more fantastic gifs and videos. Please, destroy responsibly.


By Spicy Tails

As usual, this last game is a departure from the rest as I take a break from the cute to appreciate the intriguing. WORLD END ECONOMiCA is a three-part visual novel made by developer team Spicy Tails with Isuna Hasekura, best known for his work Spice and Wolf, writing the script. The story follows a young boy as he attempts to earn enough money to achieve his dreams in a world where the moon is already undergoing colonization.

The story is there already in Episode.01, so if you’re itching for a drama from a notable author, then this might be something to look into. Though slight disclaimer: this game is less of a game than it is an interactive piece of fiction. Those looking for in-depth character simulation won’t find that here.

For me, I’m just happy to see more of these novels make their way into the mainstream.

And here’s the Kickstarter link to help realise the next two episodes, for those so inclined.

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