Indie Game Roundup: Poise

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You always hear about sea legs, that ability to walk the ocean waves without breaking your ankles, but what about legs for the air? It became a skill to ignore the numbness in my feet during my 9-hour trans-Atlantic flight, and you can imagine how awful I was at bipedal locomotion getting through customs on the other side. Which is why this week I fancied something to compensate for my feeling like a mess of limbs.

Blade Symphony

By Puny Human Games

There’s something markedly satisfying about carving your opponent with a sword as opposed to beating him in a gunfight. Maybe it’s my aversion to first-person talking (I have nothing against FPS games save for the fact that they make me feel monstrously nauseous), but you have to admit, the appeal of a shiny blade is far-reaching. And really, that desire to duel someone properly, one-on-one, with flashy moves and fancy footwork is exactly what Blade Symphony caters to.

With four different fighting styles to choose from and an array of weapons with their own distinct characteristics, Blade Symphony is all action that rewards players for paying attention. Learning your move set and anticipating your enemies will be your key to victory.

This, found on their Steam page, is also a nice cherry on top:

There are no unlockable advantages in Blade Symphony. All unlockables are cosmetic. You care about proving your skill and so should your game.

Sounds respectable to me. Blade Symphony is available now on Steam for $14.99.

Red Goddess: Inner World

By Yanim Studio

I harp on games that use terms like ‘Metroidvania’ enough that I’ll only spend one sentence here doing so. Beyond the marketing buzzwords, Red Goddess appeared in my inbox as referrals from multiple other Kickstarter projects. At a glance, I can understand the attention it’s been receiving as the art is quirky and the premise intriguing. You play as an anxious goddess, travelling into your subconscious to find answers to your grievances.

But like Inception has shown us, the mind does not take kindly to people messing around in it. Failing puzzles, making noise, losing track of your other self, or being caught by the Planet’s spies will trigger an alarm, waking the environment and all the nasties within it. It’s a journey about finding yourself, and the biggest obstacle is you.

Here’s Red Goddess on Kickstarter with 29 days to go.

We Need to Go Deeper

By Deli Interactive

And then there’s this. Ever thought of jumping into a submarine with three friends to explore the depths of the ocean but were too afraid due to a severe lack of confidence in the competency of your companions? No? Neither did I, to be honest, until I found We Need to Go Deeper on Steam Greenlight. You’ll get to experience the frustration and terror of being packed into a tin can, needing to trust that nothing will get broken while you’re looking elsewhere, all from the comforts of your home.

Of course, there are other things out there in the cavernous underwater realm that probably demand more attention than the way your friend steers a submarine, but whatever it is, it’s likely to be friendly. That’s how giant tentacles work, right boys?

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