Indie Capsule 2 Bundle

A new bundle launch from Bundle Stars offers 8 indie titles on Steam for just $3.99 (£2.99). It appears that these kind of bundles pop up left and right now – offering gamers a chance at trying different indie titles for a fraction of the price. Since most of the proceeds go back to the indie game developers, these bundles are well worth taking a look at.

The Indie Capsule 2 Bundle brings you the following games:

One Finger Death Punch – a kung fu-style brawler which received great reviews from critics.

Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood! lets you take on an entire rebel army by yourself. In Tiny & Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers, you go on an adventure to rescue your grandfathers underpants (yes, for real..). Perhaps you can bring those spare underpants along when you explore the haunted house in Paranormal, a 2D horror game.

Further, this bundle also includes Adventures of Shuggy, Critical Mass, Hexcells and CreaVures.

You get Steam keys for all of these and at this price they are quite the bargain.

The Indie Capsule 2 Bundle will remain available for another 27 days after this post, so go take a look!

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