How to Spot a Fraudulent Casino

Online casinos are spreading like wildfire throughout the world right now showing no sign of slowing in any regard. With the ease of accessibility, it affords millions of players the ability to connect, which means that on daily basis the amount of people joining the fun is staggering.

To know more, let’s introduce you to the various types of online casinos.

Web-based online casinos also referred to as flash casinos, allow users to access and play the without having to download any software via your browser plug-ins like Flash or Java. Many mobile versions of these casinos have an HTML interface as well.

Download-based online casinos obviously do require you to download of the software which links it to a host server before you are able to play. The rule of thumb is that these types of casinos run faster and smoother than web-based casinos.

Now let’s take a look at the games.

Virtual casino games depend on the pseudorandom number generator (PRHG) which is the method of determining everything from dice throws, roulette wheels, and cards and are designed to give the illusion of true randomness, which computers are actually incapable of doing without help. Don’t be too worried as there are measures in place to ensure a fair and unpredictable outcome.

Live dealer casino games allow you to interact with an actual dealer representing the casino live from the table at the said casino. This type of casino costs a lot to run as they require many elements to be present in order to provide a smooth experience for the user.

Casinos are required to have stringent security measures in place, for the safety of their users and themselves of course. However, since the inception of online casinos in the 1990′s, the amount of complaints of fraudulent casinos by players has risen in considerable numbers and a string of agencies and websites has popped up in order to help players deal with dodgy casinos.

For instance, there are websites that have updated lists of rogue and blacklisted casinos as well as trusted casino sites. This is a brilliant way of making sure you are playing with a reputable site such as Novibet for example.

On the flip side, there are also websites that will help you get your money or resolve whatever issues you have. Many complaints are that casinos are just refusing payout legitimate wins leaving you high and dry. A good sign you’re dealing with a sketchy casino is if you are receiving unsolicited emails otherwise known as spamming.

If you experience a constant lag of movement or slow navigation, either check your connection speed or do not use the site. Usually if they offer a withdrawal pending period of longer than a few weeks, it would be best to rather not risk it. Ridiculously high wagering requirements are also a good sign to stay away as it may mean that it’s virtually impossible to clear large playthrough amounts in order to cash out. Another red flag would be an unreachable customer service or just unreasonably customer service.

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