How to Get the Most Out of the Book of Ra Slot Game

The global turnover generated by slot machines has continued to swell in recent years, with current market forecasts predicting the industry will grow by a staggering $8.21 billion between 2020 and 2024. One of the most popular slot games available at the moment is the Book of Ra, which lures in prospective players through its Ancient Egypt theme and potentially lucrative paylines.

While the slot machine is widely available in brick-and-mortar casinos, many people prefer the ease and convenience of playing Book of Ra online. That can certainly be a huge source of entertainment, but how can you increase your chances of beating the odds and winning? These hints and tips won’t guarantee you victory, but they can help you to leverage the features of the game and maximise your chances of success.

Pick your game version

First things first—before you dive in at the deep end, you should be aware that there are two versions of the game available. There’s the Classic version, which stays true to the original iteration of the game, or the Deluxe version, which has enhanced graphics, improved sound quality and additional features in the gameplay. Although it will come down to a matter of personal preference, we prefer the Deluxe option since it gives more paylines, higher jackpots and larger coins. Those of a nostalgic bent might favour the simpler and more straightforward Classic version, however.

Look out for bonuses

Once you’ve established which edition of the game you like better, it’s a good idea to hunt out some promotional offers and bonuses to get you started. Online casinos often offer these types of deals to both new and existing customers as an additional incentive. By leveraging bonuses, you can try out the game for free to see if you like it, as well as giving yourself a chance to create some earnings without using your own money. Of course, you should remember that bonuses like these often come with minimum betting thresholds before you can withdraw the funds, so check the terms and conditions before playing.

Don’t gamble winnings

Perhaps one of the biggest pieces of advice to follow is not to immediately gamble away any winnings earned on your free spins. While the option to do so might be tempting as it could net you serious profits, it’s equally likely to wipe out your earnings up to that point in a single spin. Therefore, it’s advisable not to bet any winnings you make in a double-your-money type deal, since it’s a big risk that won’t pay off all the time.

Know when to quit

In the immortal words of country singer Kenny Rogers, “You’ve got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to walk away, know when to run.” While those lyrics may have been discussing card games specifically, there are plenty of lessons to be learned from Rogers’ words in other games of chance—and indeed, in all walks of life. A good strategy is to set yourself a maximum spend (or maximum profit) and quit once you’ve reached it. After all, you can always come back tomorrow.

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