How Oculus Rift will change the face of Gaming

For what seems like generations, virtual and augmented reality has shone as the Holy Grail among technology experts. What was once considered as a fanciful dream has gradually evolved on the back of technological advancement and innovation, with the result that it finally emerged as a viable consumer concept in 2015.

Make no mistake; however, it is 2016 that will be remembered as the year of virtual reality. The renowned Oculus Rift headset sits at the forefront of this market, with the headset having already received pre-orders from around the world for the princely sum of $600 (£350 approximately).

The Evolution of Oculus Rift: Then and Now

While it has already been confirmed that the Oculus Rift will become considerably cheaper in time, consumers with a certain amount of disposable income are unlikely to restrain themselves when considering a purchase. The current price also reflects the level of technology that underpins the Oculus Rift system, not to mention the work that has gone in to creating a multipurpose piece of VR hardware for the digital age.

The unadulterated promise of the Oculus Rift system is also a key consideration, as it was this alone that convinced Facebook to purchase the technology (then merely a concept) for $2 billion (£1.3 billion) back in 2014. It has since emerged as an advanced VR system that incorporates a headset, remote sensors and a smart controller, while its primary benefit is that it enables widespread interaction across both media and gaming platforms.

How will Oculus Rift impact on the world of Gaming?

In fact, it is as a gaming platform that Oculus Rift has truly wowed the marketplace, as it delivers on its initial promise to revolutionise the market and signal the dawn of the three-dimensional console. The headset and the accompanying googles will essentially replace the traditional console, creating an immersive and 360o gaming experience that can transport you to any physical location in the world in real-time. The most recent update associated with Oculus Rift featured an enhanced tracking system and support for standing VR experiences, creating a ground-breaking product that is ready for the mainstream consumer market.

Oculus Rift will undoubtedly have the biggest impact on the mobile platform, driving everything from ease of access to the immersive nature of the interactive gaming experience. Advice on getting started made easy at Royal Vegas and similar sites will become more universal for those who use the Oculus Rift, for example, creating a seamless and more identifiable experience. The hardware will also be able to replicate an authentic casino experience in a mobile setting, making it appear as though you are playing in the company of others at your local, bricks and mortar outlet.

This amounts to a truly revolutionary mobile gaming experience, and one that may signal the beginning of the end for two-dimensional consoles. In this respect, Oculus Rift and advanced VR technology may well become the biggest thing to happen in the gaming market for generations.

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