How National Geographic met Murka

What may stand out in people’s minds is that the combination of environmental issues and a slot machine game seems unusual and rather unlikely. Nevertheless, National Geographic and Murka, a game developer and publisher, not only managed to release a game aimed at fostering wildlife conservation, but to make it popular for global audiences. It was with great excitement that Max Polyakov, сo-founder of Murka, announced that the fresh new version of the Nat Geo WILD Slots™ application will be available worldwide.


Nat Geo WILD Slots™ offers an unconventional approach to capturing the public imagination for environment. Designed as a virtual journey around the world, the style of the application makes it easier for users to get familiar with a wealth of wildlife. The slot game stems from an unprecedented collaboration between Natural Geographic and the game studio, Murka, cofounded by Max Polyakov.

Max Polyakov is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist devoted to supporting social initiatives. His passion to drive changes that enrich worthwhile communities has resulted in the collaboration with National Geographic. The slot-style game with gorgeous pictures of wild surroundings provided by Natural Geographic came out in early 2017.

Murka is one of the most experienced players in the game development scene which has become well-known worldwide thanks to its vegas-style slot games. Whereas it might seem that there is little likelihood of such a studio collaborating with a TV Channel featuring nature programs, Max Polyakov felt the contrary. He referred to Nat Geo WILD Slots™ as a multifaceted application that will delight both gaming and nature enthusiasts. Thus, for the first time ever, the licensed Nat Geo-themed content has been adapted towards the social casino gaming genre.

The application is available through a free download, although it contains some optional in-game purchases. According to Max Polyakov, a certain amount of proceeds from the game will go toward wildlife conservation. What’s more, direct donation options to protect animals, which are under threat, will be featured in another update of the application.

The game is an intriguing mix of fun, entrainment and, to some extent, worthwhile learning activities on exploring historical heritage and remote wildernesses. Juan Gutierrez, Senior Vice President of Licensing for National Geographic Partners stated that the joint project with Max Polyakov and Murka enabled National Geographic to attract a wider audience by boosting visual storytelling. In fact, the partnership helps both parties, pushing their limits further and higher.

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