How Live Dealer Technology Brings Roulette Closer to Home

There are many advantages to playing casino games online. Firstly of course there is the convenience factor of being able to play whenever you like. Secondly you can be totally antisocial and never leave your sofa and favourite blanket in the winter, and finally, you can eat and drink whatever you want without being charged casino hospitality prices. But casinos are not complacent; they are always looking to improve the experience and strengthen the hook and live dealer online games are one way they have done so in the last few years.

What Does Live Dealer Mean?

A live dealer casino game is one that is streamed in real-time. A croupier is in a film studio that has a casino set, and casino equipment and they guide players through the action as if they were right there with you, or rather you were sat at their table in the glamorous setting of Las Vegas. As soon as they were introduced the popularity of live dealer games increased, and this now means many casinos can offer players the chance to join a game within just a few minutes wait.

What Games Are Played?

Live dealer games focus on the table games you find in casinos. Things like roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat and more are offered, and of course, there are variations to all these games too giving you an even bigger selection to choose from. The live stream combines with the electronic betting technology, so you use the computer to drag your stake onto the betting mat as if you were there to move the chips by hand. Your dealer will call for bets, and then suspend bets to start the game as per the rules of each individual game. You can even talk to your host via live chat, which adds to the feeling of being in the room.

An Immersive Experience

Before live dealer games were invented, software developers worked hard on the best computer-generated technology to recreate games in CGI format. These interactive games are programming genius and are still widely offered. They are popular and enjoyed by many punters but have been topped a little bit by live dealer technology. Live dealer games have been called immersive due to the fact the players are watching the action on the screen and are drawn into the game and the vibe of a real casino.

Of course, in order to enjoy the experience, you will need a reliable and fast internet connection; otherwise, you could lose the stream mid-game, which is not the best. This is down to the user and not something the casino can mitigate for, so it is recommended that live dealer games are accessed via wifi as 4G might be too unstable. Some players find that the CGI games are better when they are out and about, and the preferred live dealer games are saved until they are home with a reliable internet connection.

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