How eSports Has Ridden High on the iGaming Wave

Enthusiasts in the world of eSports know that it has developed to be so much more than a hobby for competitors across the globe. In reality, eSports is a big money industry.

In 2018, the size of the eSports market globally was $906 million. By 2020, it’s expected to hit $1.65 billion. Given the size of the market, it’s understandable that top players are now earning millions of dollars. This is just part of the story. eSports are also a major focus for iGaming enthusiasts. This has important financial implications as the iGaming industry has an estimated global worth of $30 billion.

The rise of iGaming eSports is a relatively recent addition to the iGaming landscape. As teams such as Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses have taken centre stage, so they have attracted backing from people who have a passion for gaming.

It’s the latest chapter in the story of iGaming, or online gaming, which began around 15 years ago. Since then, its rise in popularity has been meteoric. This is not surprising given that gambling on the outcome of events has been popular for centuries. Now, it’s possible for enthusiasts to enjoy gaming without ever having to leave home. This is especially the case as more events and activities are live streamed online.

The importance of live streaming to iGaming and eSports

The worlds of iGaming and eSports are intertwined thanks to the enthusiasts who enjoy them and the technology that allows them to be livestreamed. This technology means that fans can watch massive eSports events like League of Legends World Championship Finals on a laptop or mobile device.

It also allows iGaming fans to enjoy play surrounding eSports and a variety of other gaming opportunities, such as live casino options from online Casinos like NetEnt. This type of game has seen a huge upsurge in popularity in recent years as has online sports betting, on competitions such as The Premier League.

The future of eSports and iGaming

Live streaming technology continues to advance. This will lead to the improvement and expansion of streaming opportunities for fans of eSports and online gaming. These opportunities are integral to the global growth of both industries.

There is more good news for the iGaming industry, with a greater availability of data leading to a more personalized experience for players. In addition, online casinos are linking with social media to create a more social experience for enthusiasts.

The future is equally as bright for the eSports industry. In addition to riding on the iGaming wave, it’s also attracted valuable attention from major brands.

Big name companies like Coca-Cola, T-Mobile and Adidas are keen to attract the attention of the relatively young eSports audience. For this reason, they are set to continue to invest vast amounts of money in the industry.

Given this influx of money, and its continuing growth in popularity, the global power of eSports seems certain to be sustained, well into the future.

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