Horror Games: Resident Evil 7

If there is a horror game which gets the horror theme right, it is Resident Evil 7. Unlike other games which feel like carnival attractions and have so little horror that they elicit nothing but eye rolls, this game is scary and violent. It has survival horror that sneaks up from behind you before plunging a chainsaw in your gut. The only game that can be better than this in this genre has to be a real money online casino game, check out casinoaus best games online for more information.

Players are well placed in the shoes of Ethan Winters who will be searching for his wife Mia. He journeys down to Dulvey after receiving a clue about her location. This is where he meets a freaky family of called Bakers. The Bakers then terrorize and torture Ethan as he explores their large plantation in the hopes of finding Mia. Resident Evil games started as a dimly game about zombies and creepy bioweapons but eventually grew to world-threatening affairs full of heavy weapons and exceedingly cool action sequences. It is more along the lines of a Michael Bay film.

Resident Evil 7 makes a course correction to offer a terrifying experience. It has a small-scale focus on a central location and an emphasis on survival over flashy combat creates a dark, oppressive, and frightening atmosphere that has long been absent from the series.

There have been some overall changes to the game. Among these changes is a shift to a first-person perspective from the popular over the shoulder view of earlier titles. The game combines strong art direction and design which make exploring the Baker home legitimately scary. Anxiety is generated in every corner or closed door. The player can only see what is directly in front of them. Questions which are always in the player’s head are, What if something is hiding, waiting to attack me and what is it that made that noise behind me?

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