Get your headset on and step into the virtual world: gaming trends expected in 2020

With technology expanding exponentially, gaming is destined for exciting times in 2020. Already a multi-billion dollar industry—rising to an eye-watering $137.9bn last year—gaming is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, quite the opposite. But, just what can we expect in 2020?

Online gambling and virtual reality

Online casinos and slots are already developing into different worlds, with millions being spent on the industry to enhance customer experience. And, this is only going to increase as technology improves alongside it.

Whilst there are a vast number of casino, slots and bingo apps already bouncing around the industry, online gambling is likely to head into the virtual world. It’s only a matter of time until customers will be able to circulate round a virtual casino, refining their involvement in online gambling.

Virtual reality itself, however, is currently lacking the graphics that people have come to expect from video games. Such technology is likely to be upgraded alongside the ability to play VR on a social level. Enabling players to play VR with friends rather than alone will be a massive hit with customers, unleashing a realistic gaming world quite like nothing ever seen before.

However, those companies still utilising traditional technologies will not stand idly by as they improve their quality of graphics and number of offers available.

Less reliance on disks

5G will soon be readily available for users, ensuring Internet speeds reach stratospheric heights. Gaming discs will go out of fashion as users purchase games in-store or simply download and stream them.

And, with faster internet speeds, gamers will not require to consistently and continuously download updates – one of the major bug-bears of users at present and why many choose the disk version – as they will already have the latest version.

5G Graphic

Handheld devices return

Nintendo have already launched the revolutionary Switch with the nostalgia of traditional and retro gaming infiltrating through society. The Switch itself can be played in the hand or through the TV for larger visuals with multiplayer capability enhancing its popularity considerably.

Though mobile gaming is certainly experiencing a boom, handheld devices offer better graphics and help rekindle the love of convenience gaming. Nintendo have led the way in handheld gaming and it would be no shock at all if other major companies followed suit.

As exciting new technology develops in coordination with the return of retro gaming, the level of investment is likely to be incredible, though mobile gaming is unlikely to fall by the wayside in the process.


The gaming world will continue to grow, but this growth is far from linear. Whilst modern concepts such as virtual reality will likely reach new heights, traditionalism and nostalgia will also prompt the return of retro gaming platforms, bringing the past into the present and future.

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