GBA Emulator: Favorite Games from the 90s

How to emulate Gameboy Advance games? This is not a secret that the modern technologies allow us to play those favorite games from the 90s on our modern PCs and smartphones. We don’t need to search for outdated devices only to play Pokemon, Super Mario, or Mortal Kombat. Everything you have to know is how to emulate these games correctly on your PC or laptop. Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost a thing. Everything is easy, and free of charge.

Of course, what you have to do first is to find where to download the emulator from. As an option, you can try to use gba emulator to get the software for free. There, you will find a number of different platforms and roms to choose from. There is also a customer rating from zero to five, which corresponds to each file. So, look through them and download the emulator you need. We remind you once more that gba emulator download is absolutely free of charge.

GBA Emulator and GBA Roms Download

When downloading the emulator, create a separate folder for it and the roms on your computer. If you’re going to download multiple rom files, they’ll probably get lost in the bunch of other files on your PC, so make sure you gather them properly in one folder for your own convenience. And the program itself is going to create multiple temporary and system files. When the downloading is finished, run GBA exe file on your computer.

Next, manage the roms. On the website mentioned above, you can find hundreds of roms, which are available for GBA emulator. For example:

  • Pokemon Red;
  • Pokemon – Blaue Edition
  • Super Mario Land 4
  • Donkey Kong Land 3
  • Galaga & Galaxian
  • Mortal Kombat
  • Felix the Cat
  • All-Star Baseball ’99
  • Bubble Bobble
  • GB Basketball
  • Disney’s Mulan, etc.

To play the game, you have to open the GBA emulator and drag and drop the file with the game on that GBA screen. Within a few seconds, the ROM will be opened.


Now you can play the game in its initial form, or you can update and change some things. For example, you can easily make the game screen bigger or smaller. Everything depends on your preferences. Of course, the bigger the window is, the worse the graphics will be, because as we all remember, these are old games and they were not designed for devices with modern capacities.

At the top of the window, you will see a percentage number. It reflects the speed of the game. This is how your game is running. Of course, the best speed is 99-100%.

There is also the «Options» bar on the top of the window. It allows you to load, save, pause, reset, and close the game. You can make a screen capture and get the full information about the ROM you’re playing at the moment. If you need it, customize the keyboard through the «Joypad Configuration» bar. Everything is very comprehensive and user-friendly.

So, download GBA emulator, your favorite ROM files, and enjoy the gaming experience.

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