Gaming Trends Heading Into 2019

The world of gambling is evolving at a staggering rate and heading into 2019 the industry is been revolutionised by new technology along with digital currencies such as Bitcoin. The U.S. is looking to no longer looking to completely outlaw gambling with many states on the verge of allowing it to take place. Considering the size of the black market in betting taking place in North America, it is far better to regulate than an outright ban as it leads to illegal activity. Below are the trends to expect in the New Year ahead in the casino and gaming industry.

#1. The Next Generation Of Gamblers

The millennials are now at an age that they can gamble legally in most parts of the world and they are a completely different type of gambler compared with the past. They are shunning casino classics like video slots and blackjack for games that have a greater element of skill attached. This has led to a boom in the eSports industry which is a platform where gamers can place bets on individual or teams of online gamers taking part in online competitions or battles.

Online Casinos have had to adapt to this new breed of a gambler and have brought new games in with stunning 3D graphics to be able to attract new gamers. A prime example of this is at which over the last few years have been revamped to offer the best games at Codeta Casino that are designed specifically for millennials.

#2. Cryptocurrency Gambling Revolution

If you do not follow the casino and gaming industry closely you may not know about the new cryptocurrency based gambling platforms. They are still in the early days of development and all of the best blockchain casino games have basic graphics as you would find back in the late 1990s. What they are able to achieve however is remarkable as they use this technology to produce the lowest house edge in history. In 2019 expect to see more of these sites and once the graphics catch up to other popular titles, players will make the switch in their droves due to the better odds.

#3. No Middle Man

The online sports betting sites are starting to get worried about the popularity of peer to peer gambling websites and apps. They enable betting to take place between friends or rival fans and due to this you can find some amazing odds due to it been more than just a wager to win some cash. The community aspect is what makes the experience superior to traditional sites and in 2019 expect more of these platforms to be introduced to the marketplace cutting out the middleman.


It is going to be technology in the future that regulates the industry as it moves onto the blockchain which will provide a completely secure transparent platform. This process is going to take a number of years but we are seeing huge volumes of growth over 2018 and this is expected to rise even further once crypto becomes mainstream. What will help make that shift take part faster is the reduced odds or even zero house edge games which will make the proposition to attractive to turn down for gamblers?

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