Games with a Little Extra to Entice

When you look at some of the most successful games, many of them have in-game gambling involved. This subgenre is a clever add by the developers, tapping into our inbuilt need to gamble makes any game more entertaining. There is not one of us who has never gambled, in fact life itself is seen as a gamble, so this woven need of ours when fulfilled by the gaming industry fuels our desire to play even more. We can even gamble on the best rated phone casinos from our mobile devices, so this in-built need of ours is fed from many environments.

Mobile gambling usually takes the form of the standard casino games like slots, card games like poker and blackjack, table games like roulette and the social games like bingo. Gambling online used to be a hit and miss experience but since the improvement of both the software and the hardware the experience has vastly improved and of course there is a real chance of winning some big money.

With PC games some just have the odd mention of gambling whilst others boast detailed casino settings, and yet other games like Call of Duty: Black Ops pit you against your adversaries rather than the system. These in game matches take the form of a head to head contest where you gamble your chips against your opponents and winner takes all, and this just takes the game to that next level of enjoyment and excitement, and enhances the popularity of the game as a whole.

For the lovers of poker (with a twist!) Dead Rising 2 goes nude with strip poker on offer. Since the PC gamers did a bit of adjusting, the game is now full frontal, and once more Chucks aim (no, no really now come on it’s your aim) is to beat one of the only women left that is not a zombie. Chuck is challenged to the strip poker game by the three survivors. The game itself houses the main elements of a game of poker and is the only way you can unlock Arthur’s Helmet (pardon the pun!).

If Chuck loses and the underwear item has not been unlocked it can also be found in Chuck’s locker. Now if Chuck happens to eliminate Jack then Arthurs Helmet (Knight Helmet) will be acquired and this is the only way that Chuck can progress, although if any of the other players knock out Jack and Chuck is still playing he will still get the helmet. *PS Chuck can also play with a friend during the co-op mode, a naked friend perhaps?

GTA 5 has one of the most realistic casinos we have seen, and with rumours that there is a possibility of it opening in May (although, again there seems to have some delay). Speculation of the DLC including 3 gambling minigames for single play and multi-play are ramping up those rumours again. We have not really enjoyed any real, substantial GTA 5 updates for some time so many are holding their breath to see what Rockstar have to offer us, mainly because most players have been exploring Los Santos for almost two years.

The casino has been with us since 2013 but with an opening-soon banner across its doors. What is exciting is the possibility of players being able to play with real money, with the casino actually using such things as real online slots sites, in an environment that matches the real thing that would certainly add an interesting dimension to game-play.

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