GamersGate Sales: XCOM Weekend

XCOM will always have a weak spot in my heart. The original game leaves me with intense nostalgic memories of gripping, heart pounding and palm-sweating gaming moments. It remains among my all-time favorites and will always stay at the top of my ‘best games ever’ charts. I could therefore not pass up on the opportunity to highlight the GamersGate sale this entire weekend of both XCOM: Declassified as well as all of the original XCOM games.

Whilst I can’t say anything yet about Declassified, as I’ve carefully managed to avoid it out of fear for disappointment – I can only wholeheartedly recommend the original series. Especially if you’ve got a PC which is starting to show its years, the original XCOM as well as Terror from the Deep and Apocalypse are all excellent games in their own right and they’re an absolute steal with the discount of 75%.

GamersGate XCOM Weekend List

Seriously, avoid Enforcer. I warned you.

I strongly recommend you avoid Enforcer, though. This is the game that never was. XCOM veterans don’t speak about it, and neither should you. It’s a travesty of the highest order and probably among the absolute worst games ever made. And that’s saying something. Either way, don’t let this opportunity pass by – if you’ve never played these than this is an excellent moment to indulge in some true classics.

You can find this sale on GamersGate right here.

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