Fun Seasonal Game You Have to Try

This Winter has hit many countries in the world pretty hard. Especially Northern Europe has seen some pretty low temperatures over the past month or so. What is great, however, is that Spring is already on its way. This will lead into the sun shining more brightly and more light overall. Gone will be the tiredness of the dark times: soon we will all be bursting with energy once again!

Let’s get to the topic at hand next. One great way to celebrate the seasons changing would be to play Yggdrasil’s beloved Seasons slot. This slot really embodies life on earth like only few other games in the world do. Want more on the topic of online casino slots? At you can find more game reviews and basic how-to-information. All you need to get off to a good start!

In Seasons, the landscape is ever-changing. You basically have four different modes of gaming, each with its own look and feel. The way that things change on the gaming side of things is by wild symbols morphing into different kinds of symbols. Firstly, in Summer you will have an expanding deer wild that will fill replace all the symbols around it with extra wilds. Secondly, in Spring you have owls that will fly around the reels and give you extra spins for free. Thirdly, in Autumn you will have foxes that will multiply all your winnings with a random multiplier. And finally, during Winter season you have bunny wilds that will hop onto the best possible spot to give you some great winning combinations.

We certainly have not come across many online casino slots with this much variety. To make things even more interesting, seasons change randomly, which might just make you want to stay a little bit longer to get to see your favourite season and your favourite wilds on your screen.

In addition to all the cool changes in Seasons, you really have to appreciate the visuals of this game as well. There are plenty of things like leaves, rain, snowfall and other stunning elements that you get to witness while playing. This game really makes you see how beautiful nature can be in all its glory.

You better try Seasons! A lot of people have fallen in love with this great title and it continues to make casino players happy all around the world with its quirky animal characters.

Have fun and play responsibly!

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