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Competitive gaming is on the rise, accelerated by the explosion in popularity of titles like League of Legends, Dota 2, and StarCraft 2 just to name a few. The infrastructure for sharing events began with, and as the industry grows, we’ll need a stronger framework to better organize teams and tournaments. This is where Battlefy comes in.

In an effort to streamline the preparation work prior to hosting events, Battlefy offers a number of features to facilitate communication between organizers and players. Full team rosters are available to help players find their opponents, and a one-click check-in system simplifies the hassle of eliminating no-shows.

Battlefy Teams

Tracking the progress of tournaments is also easier with functions for reporting and sharing wins to the public. Brackets are a cinch to set up, team registration and roster management are well supported, and the tournament home pages can be personalized to display rules, prizes, streams, and more. For those of the card game proclivity, Battlefy also allows the submission of deck information so referees can verify information before matches.

Battlefy Bracket

Best of all, it looks good. The UI is clean with a mixture of functionality and style. You can try it now from their website for free. All you need is a tournament.

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Battlefy is a Vancouver-based company developing an eSports tournament-management platform with the same name as the firm. The organization was co-founded by Jason Xu, a former eSports tournament organizer and competitive Starcraft player, in 2012.

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