Dungeons “Into the Dark” DLC Available

Kalypso Media has announced the release of new content for the strategy game Dungeons, where you take on the role of an evil Dungeon Lord.  The new DLC pack includes one new campaign mission (adding approximately 1.5 hours of additional gameplay), 10 new sandbox-mode maps and 19 new prestige gimmicks and will cost €3.99 / £3.99. The new content is available for purchase now via the Kalypso Launcher within Dungeons, and will also be available from 1st April via digital distribution services.

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    Despite the fact that we posted this on April 1st – this is not a joke. They do indeed try to sell you DLC for £4 which only adds 1.5 hours of game-play – if you take it fairly easy.

    In comparison, the Magicka Vietnam expansion/DLC will cost $4 – only the host needs to own it for everyone to enjoy it and it will add a lot more content.

    Sorry Kalypso but DLC: You’re doing it wrong.