Digitanks! – Campaign Update Released

Lunar Workshop announces the Campaign Update for their artillery/strategy game, Digitanks! Now available at all prices, set your own price. Your computer has been infected. All manner of Bugs, Viruses, Worms, and perhaps even some Snakes have taken root in the digital landscapes of your PC. It’s up to you and your intrepid fleet of Digitanks to clear them out.

Digitanks brings classic artillery-style gameplay to 3D, combined with new strategy elements. Build tanks, compete for resources, and expand your base while clearing the Bug infestation from your hard drives.

The new expansion of Digitanks features:

  • Two new campaign missions. Find and destroy the Bug infestation.
  • New structure, the Firewall. Automatically defend your base.
  • Improved user interface, lots of bugs fixed, networking improved.

The best news of all is that Digitanks is now available for the extremely reasonable price of whatever you want to pay through the end of October. Normally priced at $13, for the next month you can name the price, from one dollar and up.

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