Difference between gambling and trading

Have you ever used words trading and gambling in the same context? Most people don’t prefer to mix previous terms but it is more than necessary. No matter if you play poker for a certain amount of money or trade something on the market, you are making an investment and expect money in return. Everyone who finds himself in the exact opportunity doesn’t know what to expect in terms of profit. There are only uncertainty and fluctuating winning odds. However, there is no exact information about the money you can receive but only an eventual idea.

Details on trading and gambling

If you understand a similarity of trading and gambling, you will have a better experience at online casinos. Gambling is a form of trading where a trader can keep the odds in our favour. Just imagine that you play at online nederlands casino greatcasino.nl and that you can decide to invest money when you see both your and dealers’ card at the table. Casinos don’t have winning odds as trading activities but we should find the balance between losses and gains. It means keeping small losses and larger winnings at the same time.

Online casinos in the Netherlands are not allowed at the moment. The country has already made some steps to legalize gambling activity and we are waiting for further results. Once the country approves the Bill, the national operators can apply for a license.

If you apply supply and demand systems, you can determine possible risk and award and invest your money when the odds are favourable. Check the example:

When should you sell:

Retail: if there is a rally in supply price.

What will increase winning odds?

  • Located on a longer supply period
  • Under profit margin of 3:1
  • Level of quality supply (strong decline in supply price or not retested supply level)
  • Check if the rally in price suggests low or high odds

Odds enhancers will increase the chance of your bet. However, you should also analyse odds more detailed and decide on a potential bet. Captain Cooks players cannot count on these odds but they still can win. One of the reasons for their success is the maintenance of a strategy. Once they lose, Captain Cooks players continue applying the same tips because they know that it will result in profits. They have a plan which turns the odds in their favour and they know that sticking to the plan will bring money. If they allow emotions to affect betting decisions, they wouldn’t earn anything.


If you prefer trading activity, make sure to adopt certain rules which keep odds in your favour. Should you trade without rules, then you will probably lose as other players have done their homework. Once when you decide to apply a realistic strategy which stack chances in your favour, rest assured about the trading activity. Just stick to the rules and understand that losses are part of playing activity. Have in mind that trading and gambling come without 100% certainty of a positive outcome. Become the trader which doesn’t look for certainly but for the best possible odds. Finally, have in mind that gambling is not for everyone but for those who know.

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