Debunking Myths About Playing Online Roulette

As the world transitions away from land-based casino gambling and more towards an online or mobile gambling environment, there’s a general concern that perhaps online operators have a hidden agenda and a technological advantage. There also seems to be an underlying thought process that games like Roulette are different from one gambling environment to the next.

It’s these types of concerns that make in necessary to address some real misconceptions and myths about playing online games of chance for real cash. While we could choose to focus on almost any casino game, the focus here will fall towards online Roulette and the best online Roulette games due to popularity of these games among UK gamblers.

Myth #1 – Online Roulette Games Can Be Fixed and Manipulated

We would never insult your intelligence by submitting that unscrupulous online casino operators won’t seek ways to cheat. The fact is they will. Fortunately, these types of operators are rare and those that do exist seem to get exposed rather quickly by watchdog casino game and website reviewers.

Here’s the reality. To maintain good standing with the UK online gambling industry, an operator must secure the appropriate licensing from a top regulator like the Malta Gaming Authority or the UK Gambling Commission. In order to maintain that licensing, each operator must remain compliant to regulations and submit its software and games for fairness testing with renowned software auditing companies like eCOGRA od TST.

During fairness testing, auditors will be running programs to test the software’s “Random Number Generator” to make sure the software is providing random results with every spin of a reel, toss of a dice or turn of a card. As long as an online operator can produce a current Certificate of Fair Gaming, there should be no concerns about rogue Roulette games.

At the end of the day, that puts the responsibility on gamblers to do their research about licensing and fair gaming before registering with an online gambling or mobile site.

Myth #2 – Systems Exist That Can Beat Online Roulette Games

To be very clear from the very beginning, this is a myth. There is in fact no systems on planet earth that can help someone beat any online casino game like Roulette. Of course, there are people out there with information to sell. They will tell you bizarre stories about beating online Roulette games with some ingenious system they discovered. If you believe it, you might also believe Big Ben is up for sale by the British government.

Every online casino game, Roulette included, is subject to the Random Number Generator mentioned above. Combined with the fact each online casino game has a “built-in” statistical advantage in the online casino’s favor, there is no way around the fact there is no consistent way to beat any online game of chance.

At best, there are some “money management” systems that will teach gamblers how to maintain better control over their monies. There are even betting systems that seem to logically provide the basis for winning consistently. However, man cannot consistently beat statistical realities.

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