Come grab your key for Star Conflict’s ‘Invasion’ closed-beta test

After some many months of development, the long-awaited expansion for Star Conflict is here. Promising more than 40 maps with new enemies to boot, this closed-beta test will allow dedicated pilots to leave their feedback and ideas on future gameplay and balance.

To get in on the action, you’ll have to fall into at least one of these categories:

  • Pilots with a special invitation
  • Pilots with the “Universe Conqueror” achievement
  • Pilots with the “Prometheus Squad” achievement

How to obtain the achievements

Achievement “Universe Conqueror” is awarded for collecting 1000 achievement points.

Achievement “Strikeforce Prometheus” is awarded for purchasing at least 6000 Galactic Standards, which includes the following DLC:

  • Star Conflict – 6000 + 900 (bonus) Galactic Standards
  • Star Conflict – 12500 + 2500 (bonus) Galactic Standards
  • Star Conflict – 35000 + 7500 (bonus) Galactic Standards
  • Star Conflict Pirate Pack — Jolly Roger
  • Star Conflict Pirate Pack — Dead man’s chest
  • Star Conflict Mercenary Pack — Galaxy Explorer
  • Star Conflict Mercenary Pack — Elite Pilot
  • Star Conflict: Galaxy Explorer Pack
  • Star Conflict: Elite Pilot Pack
  • Star Conflict: Pirate Pack – Jolly Roger
  • Star Conflict: Pirate Pack – Dead Man’s Chest

Once you’re cleared to access Invasion, press [LAUNCH] within the game and choose the ‘Attacked Sectors’ tab to enter the new mode.

Of course, if you’re here you’re likely someone who hasn’t, at least not yet, spent the time and/or money to get those achievements. Fear not. The developers at Star Gem want to extend this opportunity to any intrepid players, and, as such, have given us a thousand keys to give away to our readers.

If this is your first time hearing about Star Conflict, there’s no better way to jump in. It’s free-to-play on Steam, so don’t be shy. Everyone is welcome to click that big red button below.

But before you do so, be sure to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for more news, reviews, and gaming updates. We love sharing and hearing from our readers too!

No keys left! Sorry.

To redeem your key, head over to and look for the “Redeem Code” button.

And a taste of what’s to come, here’s the description for the newly added location, the Processing Rig:

Processing rig — is a key object, bringing large profits to whoever controls it. The rig serves not only as an important resource base of the sector but also often used as the sector’s hard point.

Cartel, a pirate union, has long been trying to capture the station for its own benefit and further advancement into the Federation’s territory. Finally, using the chaos ensued after the alien attack on the Federation, Cartel was able to capture the rig and its transports and started mounting various defences in its location.

Loosing this rig may break the Federation’s economic potential in the adjacent systems and disrupt the fight against the Invasion. For this, regaining control over the rig is of the utmost importance. The command hires mercenaries in order to do so.

the author

Executive Editor of ManaPool. A student of game design, Amber is currently writing from the frozen north that is Canada. She has a penchant for tactical team-based games and a particular taste for theorycrafting. Want to discuss community and player experience? Talk to her!

  • Manggala Putra

    i play on steam, how can i redeem my code if i can’t login to gaijin account?
    never register on their website using steam account only.

    • Lordka

      I’m really Curious about it too

      • Evil Tactician

        We’ve asked Gaijin for clarification on this. Please bear with us, once we get a response we will post it here in the comments!

        • Lordka

          I’m really appreciate it, thanks. :D

          • Antibus

            Hey there, Antibus, a Star Conflict’s CM is speaking )
            So, at the moment, unfortunately, you cannot activate those keys in Steam.

            But the good news is that you can still use them!

            How? Well… you need to link you steam and gaijin account. You just need to create one and it will do. After you create gaijin account, get into your Steam client of SC, press ‘esc’ in hangar and there will be a ‘link accounts’ option. Input your GJ account info in the menu that appears and you’re all done.

            After that, just activate the key on the site as described above and continue playing through your steam client!

            Yes, I do understand it is… rather a long description, but it’s faster than it seems ) And yes, we are sorry that it can work only this way. Steam and Gaijin accounts work a bit differently, and this causes things like that sometimes.

          • Evil Tactician

            Cheers Antibus. (I can confirm that this is the real Antibus, so please follow his instructions)

            I’ve pinned your comment to the top, so it appears right below the article. This should make it easier for people to find.

          • Miguel Alia Rivas

            I have tested and confirmed that this indeed works. Just linking accounts and then redeeming the code in Star Conflict’s web page will give you access. Thanks Evil, ZIEK for the game review and thanks to SC for the 1000 keys.

          • Evil Tactician

            Our pleasure.

          • Lordka

            I’ve tried this, but when i’m do the Account Linking option, it says “Faild to link accounts: this acount is already linked.” what should I do about it?

          • Lachrymosity

            I would recommend contacting Gaijin support (i.e. filing a ticket or posting on their forums). Perhaps the accounts are actually already linked?

          • Lordka

            I have just one Account on Gaijin and I haven’t linked yet, because I never used it.

          • Antibus

            Yup, it’s a relic from old times (this can only happen with reeeally old accounts) that caused your current situation. Hey there, old-timer pilot )

            Please, contact our support and explain the situation. I’m sure they will be able to help you.

          • Lordka
          • Manggala Putra

            well, when i trying to register, found out that my email already registered i try to reset

            i already redeemed the key now why i still didn’t have beta access?

          • Manggala Putra

            this is the screenshot

  • Nabusco

    Hey i dont have a “link account option”
    Im an american player any info is appreciated

    • Antibus

      Hey, if there’s no option… then there’s only one explanation, you have linked you account already (the link accounts option dissapears when everything is linked and ‘ok’).

      Yup, you have already linked them – now you just need to remember how and where )

      • Lordka

        what happens when it’s linked and that option doesn’t dissapear?

      • Choffers

        is there a way to see what email mine is linked to? i also don’t have a “link account option” but it didn’t show up when i registered the code with the email i thought it’d be.

        • Evil Tactician

          You’re probably best to contact support. They’ll be able to help you out and find any accounts you might have registered already.

  • Charlie E Thomas

    To those who run Star Conflict through steam!!! If you’re having trouble with redeeming your key, I am always happy to help.

    Just a reminder people, after you link your steam and gaijin account, you may still run into problems if you use the steam client to start the game.

    One way around this is to 1) go to library 2) Right click the star conflict game. 3) click on properties. 4) Click the “Local Files” tab 4) Browse local files 5) Click the star conflict icon. Enter your login and password manually and start the game. This will start Star Conflict through your gaijin account rather than steam. You will be able to receive all credits and code unlocks this way.

    • Manggala Putra

      this solve my problem, thanks :)
      sailing on space now~

  • Charlie E Thomas

    If you have any more questions, feel free to ask me.

    Charlie Thomas A.K.A. Kratos(Ultra)

  • iROOT

    Ввел на один аккаунт 4 ключа, засчитался только первый, писать в техподдержку?

    • Evil Tactician

      1 Key per Account.

  • XofJSA

    For those of you having issues,if you have a gaijin account,and already have a steam linked account.Try this,a pain,but it worked for 6 people who could not get it.Down load the game with the launcher from and then launch the game,shold have your 6000 GS and be able to launch out in to space,then access it through you steam as the normal…

  • Jack

    It is so easy to activate. Just get registration with Gaijin, login and password. Then go to the web , redeem your code and START game from webpage. Put your account email and Gaijin password.

  • none

    What you do is you create a gaijin account. login to star conflict via steam and then link your gaijin to your steam. (it’ll show up when you press escape and then click on the link account button) After you activate the code and link it, launch star conflict without steam and login to your star conflict account via gaijin. It should appear there

  • Myst

    Darn, I missed my key :(