Thanks to the nice people at Paradox Interactive, we’ve got a lovely pile of 5 copies of Cities in Motion to give away.

This competition has now ended.
Congratulations to the winners: Andrew McDermott,LadyTorilla and meow!
The winners on twitter are: @castlewarsrpg & @timmywong11

How do you enter?  It’s simple, just post a comment below*, answering the question below and we’ll select the 3 comments we liked the most when the competition ends.  We’ll then send you an e-mail (so make sure you use a valid e-mail address) with a serial code allowing you to activate the game on Steam if you’re the winner.

The Question: If you win the competition, why will your public transport company be the most awesome in the world?

In addition to this, we will also give away 2 copies on Twitter. To participate, you will need to Tweet the exact message below. We will Direct Message (DM) the winner with the codes, so make sure you follow Mana Pool on Twitter or we will be unable to message you!

Tweet: Want to win a copy of Cities in Motion? Visit and tweet to enter the competition! #CitiesinMotion @PDXinteractive

The competition is open to anyone, and entries close at Midnight, March 4th. We will allow one entry per person, so only the first comment per user will count. Winners will be announced at Facebook and Twitter on March 5th.

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The Editor’s decision is final. Game comes in the form of a serial code enabling you to activate a full retail copy of the game at Steam.

*We heavily moderate comments, which means that if you are a new visitor and have not had a comment approved previously that your comment will not show up immediately. Don’t worry though – check back later and it will be there!

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  • Evan

    I would build rails for trains above roads and along buildings in the city for my main public transport. I’ve always wanted to do that. :D

    Sounds like a great game!

  • Hideous

    Simple. I will have bridges *everywhere*. Everyone knows that things going above other things is the quintessence of awesome.

  • Woot

    My railroad company would be awesome because it would take people around the city but only stop back at my own station. It’s gonna be awesome to me. Not sure for everyone else.

  • Kaniggit

    My public transport company would be awesome because it would have wireless routers on its busses and trains, for those on the go business people who want to squeeze out some laptop/iPad time while in transit

  • LFFPicard

    My Public transport will be so awesome as it will spell out Mana Pool with the trains and have the cars racing on the word Rules!

    Then I would build some buildings.

  • ROBKE223

    My public transport will be awesome because it will have free Wi-FI

  • Turneepz

    My roads and rails will be twisting around each other and taking long, pointless “shortcuts” around everything, making it really slow for the passengers. That’s what will make it awesome.

  • Timmy Wong

    it would be awesome simply because I would attempt to interlink bus systems with mass transit systems. Where I currently live right now, we do a very poor job of that.

  • Andrew McDermott

    My public transport system would be the best in the world because the vehicles would run on time (a novelty where I live) and it would have ticket checkers that were both attractive and nekkid.

  • Mugabuga

    My transport company would be awesome, because there would be no cars, no trains. Just automated sidewalks for the lazy people. XP

  • Joseph

    My transport company will span multiple cities and eliminate traffic altogether. That’s right, I can finally get to work on time :)

  • Marchog

    my transportation system would be awesome because i would replace all forms of travel with teleportation that way you dont have to mess about waiting, getting delayed or missing your bus/train/plane etc…

  • Mr.CrunchyNut

    My Transportation Company will be the most awesome in the world simply because I just love public transport and will spend hours upon hours improving my system to make sure it runs just perfectly like clock-work. Obsessively perhaps. Full buses? I don’t think so, everyone will get a seat. I like to plan things on a grand scale. I’ve already played the demo for hours and have a plan worked out right from the word go. I’ve played most transport games there are, this one is a must for me.

  • LadyTorilla

    Transport systems don’t have enough kittens. Passengers will be provided with kitten-entertainment on all journeys. Also, it will be a not-for-profit organisation, with the happiness of passengers coming before all else. Expansion will be slow, but everywhere routes extend to they will be efficient, affordable and comfortable. And have kittens.

  • Brainybrains

    My transport system Would go everywhere and anywhere. That way no one can complain about the public transport and money won’t matter about it. In fact the only limit I would have is not being able to take the public transport into the buildings or houses then the system would be fantastic.

  • Jason N

    If I win the competition, my public transport company would be the most awesome in the world because I am going to build it like no one has build it before. I am imagining trains through buildings! Haven’t stops/ stations in the middle of the mall for the sake of convenient.

  • daveydweeb

    My public transport corporation would be the best ever because it’ll take the name of the game quite literally, and move *the whole damn city*, using twitter to work out where the population is trending. ;) Some kind of pulley system, perhaps…

  • LACh-post Fabian

    I liked Sid Meier’s Games veeerry much, and that looks amazing with those perfect graphics!
    Why would it be so awesome? Because it has me, a daily user of public transportation as it’s director!

  • ThomasK

    My company will be awesome, because it will completely eliminate greenhouse gas emission. Except for the methane “released” by cows, I would need a farming sim for that.

  • meow

    Why would my public transport company be the most awesome in the world?

    First of all, the metro cars and buses would be kept clean as well as possible. Air conditioning will be provided to regulate the air temperature inside the vehicles of my company to a comfortable temperature, heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. Replacement buses and metro trains will be available to guarantee high reliability. Metro tracks will be built onto rarely used streets to allow faster arrival at the destinations our passengers want to go to. Universal tickets and VIP tickets will be available: An universal ticket would allow you to both ride on our buses and metros and the VIP ticket will guarantee you special rights, e.g. a seat in the VIP car of a metro (when available). The VIP car contains more comfortable seats and a vending machine to get fine snacks and drinks for an excellent price. The buses and trains will be outfitted with state-of-the-art dampeners and ride smoothing systems to guarantee a very soft and smooth ride. To boost the economy somewhat we’ll allow vendors to set up their stands at specific places on our stations.

    And what will the price be? Cheap and affordable!

  • Jessie

    Because my transit service will only stop when and where the city planner plans. This will allow for the cost of my transit to be as low as possible, as well as the pollution to be minimal. According to my Calculations this allows for 2 stops. 1 block apart with 3.45 hour waits between transit. Using a rail service we would provide non stop looping to keep the kids busy for hours well you work. Kind of like a baby sitting service, but with a nominal fee. There would also be an optional car pooling option (not sure if its available in this game?) in which the minimum for the carpool lane would be 5 per car. with all lanes except one being carpool. I forsee this as a utopian future!

  • Evil Tactician

    No entries are accepted after this point – and the winner will be announced this afternoon! Stay tuned!

  • Evil Tactician

    Congratulations to the winners:
    Andrew McDermott,LadyTorilla and meow!

    The winners on twitter are:
    @castlewarsrpg & @timmywong11

    All winners have been notified, we hope you all enjoy the game!

  • Andrew McDermott

    I can’t believe I won. Thank you so much!