Casino Bonuses – Types, Offers and Choosing the Best One

Casino bonuses are one of the goodies that every gambler craves. For seasoned players of online casinos, they are already familiar with the art of casino bonuses. They know what it entails and how to make use of them properly – in other words, how to choose the best one.

As for newbies, this article is especially meant for you. It is not a thing of shame that you are confused by the arrays of casinos bonuses a casino brand has to offer – trust me, the best of us were novices at one point.

Each casino brand has the high roller bonus, each with varying amount and terms. One thing they all have in common is that they are free! Here are some of the bonuses popular among most of the online casinos.

Welcome Bonus

This is the most common type of bonus you would see around when visiting websites like, that provides you with an extensive list of the best casino bonuses. The bonus is usually given to new players or new depositors – and known on a few online casinos as the Sign-Up bonus.
The welcome bonus usually comes in the form of a percentage on the first deposit you make. You should keep in mind, that the higher the deposit is, the higher your welcome bonus can be. Welcome bonuses range between 25% and 500%, enjoy!

Reload Bonus

Reload bonus is intended to help stimulate more follow up deposits. For every online casino brand, a frequent player is always preferred (and rewarded) more than the occasional player. Also, the online casino brand would prefer if you continue playing your games on their website, hence the reload bonus. Not as high as the welcome bonus, they can range between 50% and 100%.

High Roller Bonus

It is important that you get rewarded as a high-risk taker. Most online casino brands recognize which is why the high roller bonus was designed. This bonus is offered to players who usually make big deposits, going into the high thousands. For example, say you deposit about $2000, you get almost 100% bonus on the deposit which is another $2000. The high roller bonus is usually the biggest types of bonus you can get. The experienced players get rewarded for their high roller stakes and the good players keep making more money from that particular casino.

Loyalty Bonus

Just looking at the name of it, you can already imagine what Loyalty bonus would entail. In the world of casino, loyalty is a valuable currency and it pays to be loyal. Casinos reward players who have stayed with their brand for a long period of time. As you continue to play, you build your status and you eventually become a VIP. As a VIP, you get rewarded with the loyalty bonus and the bigger your status gets, the bigger those bonuses continue to rake in. interesting, right? Yes, it is.

Referral Bonus

By introducing your friends and colleagues to a particular casino brand, you get what is called a referral bonus. The bonus is given because you have done basically a marketer’s job for the casino and it is important that you get rewarded.

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