Casino And Gambling Industry Trends In 2018

There are many sites such as the SlotSino Slot Site which is experiencing huge growth in 2018. The casino and gambling industry has never experienced such rapid change in its history as this year many new ICOs and smart contract based casinos have launched changing the blueprint of the sector. Players have never been better off thanks to technological advances and going forward most platforms will start to reward users with free prices and money for taking part in the community. With AR and VR technology processing at breakneck speed, it will not be long before this tech and the blockchain change the structure along with the design of the gambling sector.

#1. Cryptocurrency Gambling On The Rise

The amount of players trying bitcoin and other ALTcoin gambling sites is seeing a huge increase in numbers. These websites are attracting a new type of young tech enthusiast gambler and with huge advance made in blockchain games already this year, it is going to be the hot trend of 2018 in the industry.

#2. Smart Contracts Are Revolutionizing The Industry

It is not just bitcoin gambling that is changing the industry and bring in the new future of the sector. Smart contracts are the latest developments which will create a brand new platform that is fully automated by code protocols. It enables sites to run autonomously as well as creating the world most transparent environment with odds that are provably fair. It is likely then as this trend continues to grow we will see an influx of decentralized betting platforms.

#3. New Levels Of Transparency And Fairness

Due to the fake news along with the level of knowledge thanks to the internet, gamblers are looking for platforms that can prove that they are fair and are demanding complete transparency. The blockchain and bitcoin provide both of these elements which is why the demand is on the increase as more gamblers discover what crypto can do.

#4. The Start Of Zero House Edges

It has not been possible for casino operators to be able to offer a zero house edge as that is how they make their profits. That is about to change though thanks to smart contract platforms which enable this to take place and make their profits through the growth of its brand’s cryptocurrency. This is a completely different model which will have all the major casinos shaking in their boots.


As you can see there are many technological advances happening in the industry this year which will see the sector begin a new chapter in 2019. It is great news for gamblers as they get all the benefits along with been able to play at platforms they can completely trust. The price of bitcoin has suffered a great deal in 2018 but that has not stopped the development of blockchain gambling websites along with the interest they are generating. It is likely like with almost all other sectors that the blockchain will take over and cut out the middleman to benefit the consumer.

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