Can VR Truly Transform the World of Gaming?

Virtual reality technology is on the precipice of not only becoming mainstream but truly revolutionising and transforming the gaming industry from a world where 2D graphics rule the roost, to a truly immersive experience.

Has the Revolution Stalled with Console Gaming?

So far, we have seen Playstation really take the lead in the world of console gaming, with over one million PS VR units sold. While this is a significant milestone, the fact is that the world of console gaming has so far not truly embraced this technology; there hasn’t been take-up of virtual reality technology in the numbers that would prove gamers are demanding it as standard with their consoles.

Perhaps this is best exemplified when you look at the upcoming Xbox One X. When Microsoft were given the chance to talk about the console at the E3 conference of 2017, virtual reality gaming wasn’t even a consideration worthy of discussion. This might give you the impression that virtual reality is finished before it has even truly started, but the truth is a little more complicated than that.

Could Casino Games Provide a Way in?

The popularity of online casino games in 2017 is impressive. You can find here a sample of the sheer scale of games available online and with one of the reasons that online casino games have proved so popular clearly the fact that you can enjoy the social interaction and thrills of being at a casino without having to visit one, it stands to follow that the more immersive the experience is, the better it will be for gamers.

This is where VR technology comes in. With the chance to pretend you are in Monte Carlo or Las Vegas likely to appeal to customers who love the glitz and glamour of the gaming world, the challenges that virtual reality technology involves, as hard as they are, are bound to be overcome for the best interests of all involved. If companies are able to put more resource into making less intrusive headsets and creating more studio space for designing games, we may well see the cost of the games and technology come down, meaning that casinos and their customers can look to promote this technology and be a pioneer of it.

Mobile Gaming as the Driving Force?

It is interesting to see that Tech Radar has included a range of mobile games in its list of the best virtual reality gaming titles on the market. This shows that the trend of gamers using their smartphones as a primary source of gaming is allowing new technology to become involved in this world as a first port of call.

Indeed, while you might miss your stop, it is likely there is no environment you want to escape from more than your commute to and from work, meaning that on the go virtual reality technology could well prove incredibly popular and transformative in the world of mobile gaming and gaming more widely.

In the future, the multi-functional use of virtual reality could let smartphone users explore Facebook posts, play games and even just explore a different element to the world around them. With gaming changing so rapidly, why not let us know if you think that virtual reality is going to transform the world of gaming by commenting below?

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