Brand Theft Auto: The Biggest Fictional Brands in Gaming

Thanks to the internet, corporate branding has in the last few years become a very big business. It is now not uncommon to see advertising companies turning over billions of dollars every year. Hence it is not a surprise Google via the Google adsense and adwords network are tapping into the wonderful world of advertising and corporate brand.

With many brands now fully embedded in popular culture, it is not too surprising that the big video game makers have taken advantage of their popularity in the corporate branding world. Doesn’t matter if you are playing FIFA, PS, or any other game, you are certain to see several brands features in a bid to make money for the makers, send the word about the features brands and add some realism into the games.

However, knowing how they stack up against one another especially from the financial angle is almost near impossible unless you are an insider. But thanks to an infographic created by betway, you and I can now get to discover some of the figures and get answer some of the the big questions we may want to ask about these brands.

Brand Theft Auto Infographic

We all enjoy playing these fictional games but most times cannot tell which of these game brands are the most valuable and which has the least values. Betway has hired eagle-eyed experts to help unravel which of the brands are doing well and raking in billions of dollars annually. Through Betway’s infographic, you will get to know which of the brands have the best net worth employees as well.

According to the brandtheft infographic from betway, ECola, The Smokin’ Beef Grill and Nabcom are the top rated in-game brands with overall scores of 8,303,087, 8,300,039 and 1,100,051 respectively.

So which of the franchise are the most valuable? According to betway, top of the pile is Fallout at $357 billion. Thanks to with brands like Red Rocket and Nuka Cola, fallout is reportedly at least $200 billion above it closest rival.

The infographic reveals that Red Rocket’s estimated net worth of $189bn ranks it in the same bracket as BP, Red Rocket’s real life competitor, while Nuka Cola is said to be equivalent to Coca-cola.

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