Best VR Boxing Games 2020

Boxing is a great sport, a great way to stay fit and a great way for self-defence. And as much as we may want to go to the gym to get ourselves a fitness coach, technology has another option: VR Boxing.
VR boxing gives all the joys of real life boxing, minus the pain that is. And if you are feeling a bit too lazy to go to the gym for boxing practice then we suggest that you try out these great VR boxing games.

We can assure you that they will be great and will be worth every penny.

Top VR Boxing Games 2020

VR is now the way to go if you want to reach out to the market these days. And that is why apart from VR boxing, there are now VR online casino games as well. That way you know that you can meet all your users’ needs.

1. The Thrill of the Fight

The Thrill of the Fight is exactly what it sounds like, it gives you the thrill of the fight. It is a boxing simulator that will give you everything and more when it comes to boxing. This is best the boxing game and a must have for all the boxing enthusiasts out there.

Developed by Ian Fitz, this VR boxing game is compatible with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Valve Index and Windows MR.

2. Fighting Clans

Released in March 2020, Fighting Clans gives you a street fight game. With this game, you will get everything that you would expect to find in street fight, from the dirt to the best fighters out there as well a realistic boxing.

3. Virtual Boxing League

Virtual Boxing league (VBL) is a game where you will be able to get a more free form style of boxing. With the VBL, you will get five opponents and five ladders to go through in order to call yourself a master of the game. Maybe some best online casinos will come up with a similar online slot.

Alongside this, you will have mini games that simulate ping-pong boxing to give you breather on your way to the top.

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