App or Website? What is best for online games?

The internet has revolutionized the IT sector and every year that passes, new developments come up that change it further, expanding the possibilities for its users. From desktop computers we switched to laptops, smartphones and tablets. All this has led users to put the old desktop aside to be able to browse more comfortably: mobile devices, in fact, often turn out to be more practical and less cumbersome.

On the other hand, however, these devices did not give users enough trust to operate tasks that are more complex. When it came to credit card payments or flight and accommodation booking, PC have always been the first choice. Times, however, have changed especially thanks to the world of Apps.

Apps are software specifically developed to optimize browsing via mobile devices and sometimes turn out to be even more practical than the classic website. Trust in tablets and smartphones is therefore growing on users, thanks to their ease of use.

Gaming App: direct and effective

The possibility to choose between desktop and mobile spreads to every topic, even when it comes to online games. The reasons are always optimization, practicality and safety for those who use them. No activity can thrive today without being tablet and smartphone friendly, whether it is games, e-commerce or anything else, including casinos, and here you can find the best online casino reviews.

However, apps often have a big problem compared to the website, which is to bother constantly the person who installed them on the phone with notifications. The result is commonly the uninstallation, also because the notifications attract the attention not only of the user, but also of those around them. Dating apps, dieting apps and other personal related apps could sometimes give out information about you through notification, that otherwise you would not give to anyone.

Luckily, this behavior is slowly fading away on behalf of a better user experience, but annoying app are still out there. However, an app guarantees a direct relationship with the user, due to being always in your pocket.

Mobile website: pros and cons

Talking about websites, we must not only consider the desktop version, but also the mobile. Precisely for this reason it is essential that the site is responsive, which means that it is perfectly visible and navigable from tablets and mobile phones. The website maintains a more detached relationship with users and this is not always good for their involvement and retention.

It is also true that, following a subscription, the relationship becomes tighter and browsing in this sense improves. The great advantage of using a website is that you do not have to install apps on your phone, something that many people don’t like because of the storage space they take. Websites do not need constant updates and are not tied to any specific device, as you can navigate them from any browser.

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