Allods Online Renaissance Delayed

Gala Networks Europe have announced that they will have to delay Allods Online: Renaissance, due to some technical issues in the upcoming update for the European servers, that would compromise features that the Allods Online team have put in the game for European players.

To tackle this, the Allods Online team released a statement to the community detailing some issues and providing more information about the delay to the European players. For your convenience, you can read the statement below:

Hello fellow members of Allods Online European community,

Together with our earliest players, we have turned a young and promising game into a more and more consistent and solid MMORPG. But not just that, we along with our new members have been growing into a community based on respect and trust.
This is what all of us wanted for the game and we have succeeded so far thanks to this honesty and dedication. It helps to make our relationship strong and multi-cultural, as we stand as the European community of Allods Online.

We always listen with utmost attention to your concerns, and so we heard that some of you have grown concerned about the discrepancies between us and other Allods Online communities across the world.

Even though we’ve outlined on numerous occasions how special our community is, and told of our commitment to you all, we believe that we need to clarify the future of Renaissance to you so that you fully grasp that Europe will always remain the most dedicated to serving you, and protecting what we all have built here.

First of all, despite the fact some other regions will be releasing this update within the next coming days or hours, we here in Europe won’t do the same, and will postpone for approximately two weeks our release.

Releasing the current build of this update would compromise features we had fought too hard to give you and we simply refuse to run even a day without them. Let’s share those bugs with you so you can judge on your own:


  • Daily quest gives old, inferior xp scroll — this is meant to be replaced with free daily mount food
  • No wedding quests at all
  • No free martyr’s blessing quest: this means no free elixir buffs, or no free incense buffs
  • The list keeps unfolding but is too long to state in full here…

On top of that, back end wise, this update completely change the technical architecture of several services of our servers, and without sufficient time to properly test this there are high concerns about the game stability. We want to properly address this before launch so that we don’t end up with our servers crashing completely.

This is more than enough for us to decide to postpone the update. Rest assured that we will work as hard as we can to reduce this delay to the very minimum.

Some of you would have been likely to blame us for delaying several other things among others. We can list couple ones:

  • Statement about the “Happy Hours” and “Happy Days” that will reward you guys for making our servers more alive.
  • The launch of another Anniversary coins event for the summer that will give you a chance to gain new outfits and goodies.

Well our statements are always issued when we have obtained the most guaranties that we can succeed in producing what we state. We test them fully, but also provide you the most detailed descriptions possible. An example of this is the ‘Closer Look At….’ series we publish for each update.

We are confident that you can search every other community and you won’t find anything even close to the quality you see in those guides. Therefore it is likely that our statements will always be the latest ones, and again we do this to maintain a measure of integrity and respect with our audience.

We intended Happy Hours to be a surprise, and didn’t want to it to be seen as just another feature. We wanted it to be special, and to be fun, and had planned originally to remain silent about it for that reason.

Regarding the anniversary coins event, we had decided a while ago to postpone it to early September for two reasons. First, we know a good amount of our members use the summer for real holidays. Secondly, the fall season is a good period for acquisition of new members.

We want both our current and future members to benefit from that event, and planning it in September will allow our servers to be in a permanent in-game event for months, thanks to the “Halloween” Event that will follow it.

Last, but not least, another distinctive difference regarding this update is our position towards talent resetting for each class. We have in the past fought real hard to get respec when it was needed, and recent Volumes have benefitted from this. But this is just an update, and only a couple of classes get their abilities changed to the extent that it will require a free respec.

A slight revamp of an imbalanced ability can’t stand as a justification for full server respect, or free respec of that particular class. We apologise if you think differently, but if we allow this we lose a good amount of credibility in negotiating server respec when it is truly needed in future Volumes.

In light this statement we are hoping you are still satisfied in putting your trust in us. In return to your constant support, we will continue to work tirelessly to make you proud to be a part of the Allods Online European community.

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